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  • Cool, I'm from Scarborough, but I'm downtown a lot (for work and stuff)...It's great to find some Torontonians in MJJF! I never meet people who love MJ as much as I do around here...

    I was so happy at the tribute, we pushed our way to the front...It definitely was great energy, and even the rain couldn't stop us!! I hope they do it again next year, bigger and better than ever!!
    so i saw ur going on aug 10th, i changed mine from march 1st to aug 12th. so maybe we can meet there! :flowers:
    Hello... I just got your message!! This is soo exciting.. I can't wait until the summer now!! haha... have you bought your plane ticket?
    Sure is cool! :p I got my teaching qualification last summer after it was absolutely impossible to get a job - I thought i'd go for it, and i now teach 3 french girls that i live with over here english! They're 9, 7 and 5, so is rather difficult at times but not too bad :D
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