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  • Cool, yeah thats the same one my Brother has, they have a good sound to them :happy: and yeah sure i can, im downloading it now, will make a menu and copy it for you
    Yeah when you get a chance let me know what dvds you would like from me and i will get onto it :p

    Your dvds are great!! watched Dangerous Tour Unleashed, can't belive i finally have it now lol.. been wanting to see it for ages lol We haven't had a proper chat in so long. Will be good to catch up x
    The Dvds you sent me arrived today, They are wicked thanks!! Appreciate it rahul :hug:
    I will be online later today if your around on msn. Hope to speak to you soon ;)
    lol thanks let me know if you need anything, you have a big collection too, all those Dvd 9 discs you made. :D i dont see you online, maybe see you online later?
    Looks good :) Goodluck, i hope you sell them all soon, i am back now, just sending you my dvd list, let me me know if you need anything from it :p
    Will send it to you when i get back home ;)
    I got lots more dvds now, hopefully some that you ned aswell :)
    That's ok, btw let me know if you see anything on my list that you need and i will post them off to you too ;)
    :hug: thanks so much, you didnt have to do that hehe, Aww Appreciate it Rahul :D
    Hey if you need anything i will send you some stuff too, will send you my list when i get home. :)

    Im not on holliday, just staying at my boyfriend's but will be back home on monday. Thanks for the MSN aswell, i was worried i wouldnt be able to get the old one again so thats wicked!!
    Thanks Rahul take your time, there is no rush... I won't be back home til' Monday anyways so when ever you have a chance to do it :cheers:
    Thanks that would be great, i liked the last one before the most recent update if you have that one that would be cool ;)
    It's the new one im having problems with, i don't really like the new one that much anyway so when i reinstall it im gonna put the other one back on if i can still download it :)
    Yeah i haven't been on for a while, ive been having problems with it, its not running very well on my pc, i gotta reformat then try and reinstall it agin lol
    Yeah, ive always thought the Beatles music is way over rated, ive heard alot of their songs and seen some of their performances and they bore me... To say that Michael and variuos other artists wouldnt be making the music they are if it werent for the Beatles is such a cop out... How can they come to that comclusion? I don't hear beatles music in any of MJ's songs... i think some pople get brainwashed by the media and the hype surrounding that group. If the beatles were so amazing they would still be getting plenty of air time on the radio today, you don't see or hear much about them at all, plus they obviously didnt think that much of their own music as Paul let Michael buy the rights to all their songs lol... And if michael had more respect for that group he woulds have never used their songs for Nike commercials LOL!! And don't get me started on Elvis Presley haha...

    So much for being Legends hehe :p
    Oh yeah i see what you mean, it was an interesting thread, i read all the posts lol.
    It's a shame it got closed, i would of added something if i had known about it sooner. All the good threads where people share their oppinions seem to get closed. You had some good points ;)
    Heeeeey, Yeah im good thanks, getting really tired tho, can't really sleep lately lol, How are you?
    Yeah i managed to get tickets for 2 nights, opening night and 28th Aug, im hoping they do something special for his birthday :) Can't wait!! I hear he will be touring in other countries, Are you saving just in case?
    Ya know i reckon that he will do more shows after this, as he said its the last shows in London, so he will probly move on to other countries after :) I really hope so anyway :D

    Thats awesome news about the record sales shooting up aswell :)

    THIS IS IT!!! lol :p
    Nah i didnt, i didnt have much luck there, i got a few pics but no footage, cos i was right at the front they were stopping us from filming anything, i think a few people got away with it tho so maybe someone will upload something.
    My phone died and i never got any pics at the hotel or the Theatre either :( Im going again today so see what happens :D I hope he does a world Tour aswell, be be so awesome. Are you gonna try and come to England to see him at the o2 just incase its the liast shows he does?
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