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  • yeah there is also a MJ dreams thread, i saw it when searching for this one :)
    dreambook is such a cool idea! i've always thougt i should start one as well but then i'm always too lazy to write them down when i still remember them clearly..
    it could be, bracelet does ring a bell :lol:

    i haven't remembered my dreams in a while but your dream about your aunt sounds nice :)

    i have to do some research if that thread is still somewhere :shifty: :lol:
    :bye: hope your doing ok :huggy:

    i remember back then when we shared our weird dreams in that thread! do you remember? (probably not, it's been awhile..) ..just a random memory lol :lol:
    Hello I am french, I am has l origin of a project which consists black and white ball(balloon) in the sky 29 has to lacher aout has french 21 hours have create a blog has this subject to explain my project but is writ french races of the world:argentine, South Africa, Congo, senegale, Spain, Belgium, United States, are going to mobilize and lacher of the balls(balloons);
    In France I am mediatiser the project to make him set of l empleur has pictures of MJ
    I solisite you and ask you to join(contact) has we for movement world in its homage and him for his birthday
    I also ask to take one photos of your balls(balloons) and to be passed on it thanck
    My blog
    http://pillou78000.skyrock.com/ or ange1057198056@aol.com

    If there are gatherings, concerts in the tribute or when between friends mobilize you as the world c is mobilized for the memorial ceremonie

    please help me (us) french and fan to mj for going this message in your country for him memory
    i cudnt make a forum to help get ppl to vote for me ...i really cant thank you enuf xxxx
    i wanted to put up a forum about it but i cant get one up so i think im guna post a few on different forums cud you help me out and get ppl to rate ? thanks xx
    lol i cud get u gp tickets then lol ...u can rate as many times as u want but u have to wait a while in between ...vale here i come lol xxx
    wikid! iv got a honda :D but im a yamaha grl lol ...if i did win the comp then it wud be for the yamaha racing team....a guy i met at a bike show i was working at said he would put in a word for me at motogp :D
    hey! wud you be kind to vote/rate me in a competition iv entered. its called miss yamaha 2009 and you get to be umbrella grl for world super bikes...as you probs dont know im a masive motorcycle fan and i go to the races every year and also ride myself. i would be greatful if you cud help out.. heres the link ...http://www.yamaha-racing.com/Racing/miss/become/?id=70 thank you x and spread the word xx
    iv gt a really old drawing i did bout 3 yrs ago on another thread...iv gt other drawings on my facebook ...practice makes perfect as they say. i do enjoy drawing! i love doing lots of different things like graphics, illustration, print etc tis all gd fun! wer you frm btw ? x
    hi Raisa, yeah i'm "Arkan" over there and before it had server problems.

    will see you there when i have the time and frame of mind to post again, lol.
    aww your response is so sweet , im jus being hyper babes
    hows are you ~having a nice day ?*huggs*
    Happy New Year to you too! Yes I was away for a while. I hope you had a great Christmas. I'm excited about 2009. Should be a good one.
    awww ...happy new year baby ! im doing alright thanx you ~yes we will yapp soon !:wub: happy new year and a very blessed and exciting artistic one .. (i hope your art is going well xxxxxxxx
    oh I'm fine :)...I'm just enjoying my holidays for a little while. :p
    I wish you the best of luck on your exam!!!! *cheering for raisa!* :clap:
    Take care and hope to talk to you soon! xx
    Hiya, Raisa! how are you? :)
    Just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *Hugs*
    thank you. i don't like feeling guilty for making such a suggestion, so i appreciate your encouragement. :)

    thank you im glad you like the pic...yes i did draw it...it was actually for a competition...i think it came 3rd so yay!! lol

    H xx
    Ty :)
    ahaha same here..I had a truckload of homework this weekend...:weeping:lol
    but I got it all finished in time! :wild::girl_happy:
    Bye take care and good luck with school!!! x0x0x
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