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  • oh I'm fine :)...I'm just enjoying my holidays for a little while. :p
    I wish you the best of luck on your exam!!!! *cheering for raisa!* :clap:
    Take care and hope to talk to you soon! xx
    Hiya, Raisa! how are you? :)
    Just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! *Hugs*
    thank you. i don't like feeling guilty for making such a suggestion, so i appreciate your encouragement. :)

    thank you im glad you like the pic...yes i did draw it...it was actually for a competition...i think it came 3rd so yay!! lol

    H xx
    Ty :)
    ahaha same here..I had a truckload of homework this weekend...:weeping:lol
    but I got it all finished in time! :wild::girl_happy:
    Bye take care and good luck with school!!! x0x0x
    You're welcome, raisa and thanks for accepting my friend request! :)
    I'm doing really well, I hope you are too :flowers:
    Take care and Have a nice weekend!! xx
    I know right!thats so true...Thats all we can do and hopefully it will pay off :wink: :girl_dance:
    Thanks Raisa :hug:

    Yes, school is very stressful... Esp. when exams and assignments are due from different classes on the same day..I know you have experinced that before..it sucks huh lol.. yeah true just have to keep cool and positive :)... thanks again!:) :flowers:
    oh Hello Raisa. :D how are you doing?
    ohhhh by putting confused i meant confused with life. I dont get it anymore.I mean not like that, its just stressful right now with school and everythingelse. Im confused, I dont know what to do.
    Ohhh awesome. You should should post your drawings when you finish them!!!:) :D,... they are sooo cool!!!I hope you do well at the University you are attending.
    awww.. Don't worry Im sure everything will be just fine. :) yeah I know what you mean about stressing, sometimes college is hard. But wow a University Good Luck !!! I think you'll be fine though. Nope not really. The last drawings i did was of Daddy Yankee, Aaliyah, and Mary J Blige..heheh
    Hey Raisa!!:) :D

    I am doing good,just going to school, hanging out. What about you?I hope all is well.

    Aw Thanks about the avatar ..hhaha it is cute. :p well ttyl :hug:
    :) ty for the message. How is everything? Still drawing? I'm busier lately so not lots of time to come online or here. I'll have to check out your thread.
    uhm, yes but I don't know how to spell it.
    I think it is 'danke shön' or something like that. I could say it but I can't write it.
    Oh ok..yeah dutch kind of does look like german(like looking at it, looks similiar, excuse me of my lack of knowledge in other langs. lol) but do you know how to say thank you?
    Ohh I bet when you finish your room up, it will look very nice!!:D I have just been hanging out that;s all lol..
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