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  • i absolutely think its beautiful , and you are a enchanting artist , thanx you for showing me babes . *huggs
    Helllo Raisa ,you have a beautiful talent there , work on it more & more and realy enjoy the feeling when you create pictures , every chance you can /are able to ,
    you kno , when you say your a bit scared when you do a michael drawing ,try not to worry babes *huggs* becuae you are an wonderful artist ,proof is on the thread Raisa,
    art is expression , art can never be wrong .
    haha yup.that's the way you say it, you got it right :) hope to see some more drawings from you!!
    Hey Raisa, I just finished My recent drawing today if you want to go check it out??hehe tell me what you think. :) Thanks
    oh thats nice :) I think German sounds cool when I hear people speak it, but no one here speaks it though..but i have heard it online hehehe, plus my grandma is german and my mom said that her grandma used to speak german to them all the time, and my mom doesn't speak german so she was like "what?" lol..so i got a little german in me, how cool!!it think its cool that you know a different language..i hope german is fun for you to learn :)
    oh I think thats cool..oh so your better at speaking dutch or english.hah sorry i'm haviong a blonde moment and i'm not blonde lol. Yup and that's ok if you make spelling mistakes, we always make mistakes. :)
    ohhhhh lol.. no i was thiinking you are a girl this whole time, i just like saying person hehe its a habit :p
    Yay!!!!Thank you a lot :) *hug* :p yeah I wrote him? about the project and sent him the pictures!!! thanks a lot!!!
    Hey...how are ya doing???hey i was wondering if you can check out my most recent drawings in the fanzone..hehe thanks :) *hug*
    Thank for sending them:D. I hope I did well on my exams too... I'll get my results wednesday!!
    hello....I am glad your exams ended..i hope you did well.. i saw your drawing and it is very good, you are very talented :) yes i have... I will send you some in a private messge.
    oh that's cool!!! so you already graduated from secondary school??i hope i got that right?
    yes I am :).. I am going to begin my third year in college in August. I am going to be majoring in Art. I can't wait to get through college so i can finally begin the rest of my life. What about you?
    Well, in Belgian it's a little different:). A secundary school is often called a 'college' and after secondary school you must choose if you want to do university or 'hoge school' which literally means 'high school' so I was quite confused:)
    ohhh opps sorry about that..:/ where I live we called K- 5th grade elementary school, 6th- 8th grade Middle school and 9th-12th grade high school hehe and then after tht its college by choice.. yup you were in high school..lol!!! :p
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