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  1. Michael wearing the same clothes

    I hope I can add some more '70s pictures in this thread: 1974 (the sweater) Blame it on the boogie: The tie: Tito's wedding (1972) AMA's 1974, he wore the same jacket: Academy awards (1973), he wore the same shirt as at Tito's wedding:
  2. Michael Jackson: The Experience - Discussion News And Updates Thread

    I just bought this game yesterday for Kinect. But I have some trouble with the singing and I was hoping that someone could help me out. I don't have a seperate mic and use the one of the kinect. That mic of the kinect works fine but I always have to recalibrate the whole thing if I want to do a...
  3. Michael Jackson Body Language

    I thought that was very interesting, thank you for posting!
  4. Your favourite J5/ Jacksons songs with no Michael-lead

    I know it's an old thread but... I just had to say that I totally fell in love with the live versions of 'I found that girl' on the 'live at the forum' cd. That guitare... Michael doing great background vocals... the rap between Jackie and Jermaine... fans screaming... A-MA-ZING!
  5. MJ Tribute by PRINCE ! (10.07.2010)

    I wasn't at the concert but I live very close to Werchter and the wind was right so I could hear everything. I sat outside the whole night, listening, though the weather was Really, really bad! When I heard this, I thought... wait a sec!!!! What a surprise!:D
  6. This guy is crazy lol his top ten MJ songs

    Re: this guy is crazy lol his top ten mj songs Oh, god, that was great!!!! Screaming to these songs in a car where noone else hears you can be SO liberating :D I love doing this too, but I never make a video of it!
  7. michael and his parents

    First picture I thought of were those of Michael and his parentes at the golden globes, you really want only Michael, Joe and Katherine in the picture?
  8. Organ donation.

    In Belgium, you have to sign a paper if you don't want to be a donor. So, it's the other ways around. Everyone's a donor unless they sign a paper that they don't want to be a donor or if the parents/children/wife/husband resists. So, I'm a donor :) I'd love to make blood donations too but I...
  9. Unreleased Jermaine Philly album

    I agree, though I still think Motown does a much better job then Sony. The Soulsation box and Hello World box are great releases. And 'I want you back: unreleased masters', the stripped mixes and the uncoming 'Jackson 5 live at the forum' are great too, though those releases obviously have...
  10. Jackson 5: Live At The Forum (Realeased Soon)

    Previews on Amazon: And a new tumblr site with regular upadates on the new release: It all sounds so great!!! I hope I'll be able to find this in store fast!
  11. Unreleased Jermaine Philly album

    There's no doubt there are more somewhere in the vaults but there's no guarantee they will ever get released. It's a shame.
  12. Randy Taken to hospital with chest pains

    Sometimes they don't even recognise Michael... I've seen so many pictures of Randy with 'Michael Jackson' written underneath. :doh: A lot of people just guess since he's the smallest kid with and afro, it must be Michael :doh: Randy and Janet performed a lot together when they were young and...
  13. Jackson Family Photos

    Re: Family Photos LOL, I love that shoot! More of those: And more from that Govert de Roos shoot Nena posted earlier:
  14. Other people performing J5/Jacksons songs.

    thanks for all the songs!
  15. Hi! Well, I've been busy with school but I've started drawing again, yes! I'm now doing a...

    Hi! Well, I've been busy with school but I've started drawing again, yes! I'm now doing a drawing of Hugh Laurie (House)! And when that one is finished, I might try to do a colored drawing, I got new colored pencils for christmas. How are you?