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  • they want to proove that MJ was victim of a mega conspiracy (Sony, AEG, Colony Capital, executors). And of course, the lovely Joe is a saint and want justice
    the 2002 will is probated, but, according to Dangerous Incorporated, the family wants the 97 will probated and was not given a copy by Branca (DI thinks that Katherine is an executor). The problem here is that Levitch gived a copy to the Court.

    All these are coming from their fantaisies
    I'm speaking about the probate case ; for example, only Branca know the details of the trust, the family wants the 97 will probated but Branca refused to give them a copy (the 97 Will was given by Levitch [former lawyer for KJ]), Branca is the thrid witness (Apparently it's Trudy Green), etc...
    i know, i read some parts of their "investigation"; there are so many holes. Actually, they don't even read the court docs, but they are right on every thing
    hi, you know, some people here want to ban us because "we are infiltrators". they think that their "investigation" is valid and factual
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