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  • Hello I see you did respond to me on YOUR page I didn't understand why I didn't hear from you :doh:

    I was doing the Legacy Team work regarding all the Finances relating to Michael Jackson and our leader Nancii told me to come to you to see what information you have collected and that you have done alot of work in this subject :wild::clapping::woohoo:
    Happy Birthday Rasta Pasta and for ALL you do for Michael's Legacy :dancin::clapping::bow::clapping:



    I made a thread recently in which I explore the true legacy of the fans over the years. It was my way of saying thank you for all of the great experiences we've had as a community. I made sure to shout out to those individual fans who went beyond the call of duty during the trial. You were one of them.

    Here's the thread:

    Thank you once again
    Hello Rasta Pasta,:wub:

    Greetings Team-Mie, Nancii wanted Me to contact you in regards to the "Finances Thread" I am working on. If you could give Me information or advice, or your views that You have already done an amazing job with, I am told..Looking forward to learning about you as well..Please PM me if you think there is some important information that should be included in the Thread.:2cents:

    Totally Michael-ing You..:wub:

    GO MICHAEL !! GO TEAM !! GO TEAM MICHAEL !!:clapping:

    MJ TinkerBell :agree:..
    That's fine - I'll do it for you..- all covered!

    MJJC website was acting strange last night, I started it, but then it just froze....only this website - everything else worked fine and I couldn't get back in...

    PS - I have to send you a note thru here - it said you didn't accept Private messages...
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