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    MJ Family Offended by 'A.I.' Pepsi Moment

    it was insensitve but ... they need to be just as forceful against "true" rudeness towards Michael..
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    Update: Alejandra agreed to leave the house / MJ Estate to Alejandra — MOVE OUT ALREADY!!!

    poor Michael..they used him as the carpet... and he truly loved his nieces and nephews so he would do all to protect them..
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    Chris Brown New Song will sample Human Nature

    there is another song with someone that sounds like Chris Brown...sampling PYT well
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    Katherine PP&B on GMA 2/25 Interview Post 208

    Re: Katherine PP&B on GMA 2/25 amazing isn't it.. since MJ's death...we are finding out what it was like for him... no one to truly trust..
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    Janet Jackson on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" Feb.15th

    personally, I think Janet has been deeply jealous of Michael and is now relieved that he is not alive to overshadow her...this is my opinion... I got news for her... Michael's legacy will choke her...RIP Mike.. we miss you
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    Janet & Michael Jackson Handed Out Dinners To Homeless

    all of a sudden tthe nice stories about Michael are being remembered by Janet to sell her book... ummm??
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    Janet Jackson on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight" Feb.15th

    she probably has one of her "peoples" reading MJ fan sites... Janet is one of those family members who showed their true colors when MJ passed.. she better recognize...her brother has an army of fans that care about his image and legacy and see thru all the :bs inviting ABC into your home...
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    Janet Jackson on Dateline - Sunday, Feb.13th

    the more Janet say or do post-Michael.. the more she disgust me..
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    Jermaine and Halima at NRJ MUSIC AWARDS 2011

    so he is NOT stuck in Africa??? umm??
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    Klein files for bankruptcy

    his cash cow is now longer around... the patient he billed to death
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    Michael Jackson fragrances?

    I totally agree...Joe's feels entitlement to Michael's he never going to stop.. Michael knew what he was doing when he did not leave his family members in charge of his estate..
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    Cover art & synopsis for La Toya's new tell-all book!

    if it walks and talks like a duck...its a duck.. why can't they do things from their own strengths.. instead of always capitalizing on their brother... its getting numming...
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    Update: Alejandra responds /MJ Estate asking court to remove Alejandra and her kids from Hayvenhurst

    Re: MJ Estate asking court to remove Alejandra and her kids from Hayvenhurst sorry but Michael's kids come first.. and its seems the estate is being very aggressive to protect Michael's legacy.. Michael has paid for all those neices and nephews all their lives...its time for their parents to...
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    Discovery Cancels MJ Autopsy Show

    I hate to say it but these are the things the family should be in the forfront on .... a Big ups to all the fans that committed time and effort to this.. and thanks to MJ's Estate...