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  • Merry Christmas dear friend Reiko ;)


    英語が苦手なのでホント助かりました。。。 そしてこれからもよろしくお願いします (´∀`)
    im sending L.O.V.E from germany to you my friend =) i hope i could help you with my latest message :cheers:


    :ciao: :heart::group:

    あなたは良い一日を持っている願って、私の友人であるために多くの、ありがとう!私は日本のすべての私の人生を愛して!それがあるので、美しい、私は日本に来て一日を夢見る! 、私の友人の世話をする
    completely recovered and fit again !!! *happy* :clap:leaving you greetings from Germany here including a warm hug and a big kiss!!!! :clapping:
    and again, our prayers go out to the people in Japan - helping is least we can do my friend :better: we will always be there for you, remember YOU ARE NOT ALONE :flowers: warm hugs & love from Germany
    thank you so much for your lovely message! :) i was very happy about it :) and im almost fit again! :clapping:i think its because of our weather here in germany it changes to quick over night i think thats where the cold came from :unsure: - i wish you a nice weekend and a good start into the next week my friend !!! :flowers: greetings from Germany :cheers:
    im feeling alot better :) best thing you can do is preparing yourself with tea and soup leaning back watching MJ videos! :) i was watching ''Bad Tour Tokyo 87' - Black Shirt'' :clapping:and i could only enjoy it because of you since you gave us the links to this beautiful show :popcorn:thank you so much !! :upside_down:
    i think i got a cold im freezing alot :p and since yesterday ive been using a lot of tissues :p but its ok im enjoying hot soup and tea :) its going to be taking care of from now on :popcorn:
    Hey there! :) hope you had a good start into the week - greetings from Germany :flowers:
    Hello my friend :ciao:i just wanted to drop by and greet you here from Germany :flowers: Have a nice week :clapping:
    I am praying for you dear (hugs)
    Im very sad you have to endure so many earthquakes :(
    Reiko, thank you so very much for the link! It is the same as the YouTube movie. Many thanks.
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