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  • If you can “unjinx” your account, you can see this message!

    I hope you log back in in 7 days or so so it will have been a cool eight months since you last visited.:cool:
    The Wi-Fi I'm using to post this message is thanks to my brand new modem just installed today. As I told you on Kik I did arrive home safely, thanks for asking.:)

    However, I have to mention that this place no longer feels like a safe haven thanks to a vile, vindictive, and vicious betrayal I endured![IMG]

    RTT!! so good you got yours straightened out too. I know i'm not here a lot but try to stop by when I can. Hope you are doing well. Much love. Hugs xx:rollin:
    It looks like you need to donate just to get an avatar! I can't even answer my PMs till I do so!
    I'm here now and would've been here more often if not for a big fat elephant in the room, emphasis on the fat!:D
    So did I! I usually visit the IMDB message boards to read or participate in discussions about the movie after I've seen it.


    Well, you'd always be welcome and it'd be a nice change of pace!:)[IMG]
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