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  • It's cool to see you on here at the same time!
    Different venues.

    I now think the Museum of London might be an ideal venue for us.:yes:
    Hi Paula ...Thanks for your reply ...I already noticed it was some time ago since you logged on ..
    Yes I still need to find my way here although I am learning hahaha a lot seems to be the same but just bigger ...more members, more threads and post ...It will take me the rest of my life to read all threads ..hahah still looking to see if there is a "say goodnight to Michael" thread ...I loved that one was like saying my prayer before bedtime to me.
    How are you?

    Gosh thanks for all the messages..sorry I wasn't here to receive them but better late than never. ;) I've always been a slow poke. :eek:
    You should log in to correct your join date.

    I wonder how long it will take you to read and reply to this message.:thinking:
    Hey :) I'm alright.. Just used to it now, I haven't seen Dr yet but plan to in the next few days. Thank you for asking :flowers:
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