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  • Aw, you kept me past the top of the hour!:D

    I hope you have an enjoyable visit there!:)
    By the way, Carola and the Kitteh informed me that MJFC will return today!:)

    I hope your London morning is going well. It's almost midnight here and the rain is coming down in sheets!:bugeyed
    I am online at the moment replying to a backlog of messages!:bugeyed:D

    I hope you are okay too.:) Oh, and I haven't forgotten my promise!

    I might be able to help you out there too... Follow this.

    Go user cp then Edit options scroll down until you see Message editor interface
    Make sure it is set at Enhanced Interface - Full WYSIWYG editing

    Should do the trick :)

    See ya later :waving:
    Yeah I gathered that, We had one of those here :doh: He reminds me of him in a lot of way's I often wonder if it could be him. :rolleyes: Why are they allowing him to stay on there if he is doing this?
    A few times yes, I was usually quiet :lol:
    It only used to get busy when TimesRemembered used to go in from what I remember lol He was like center of attention :unsure: :mello:
    Nah.. Members from MJFC used to go in one? I joined a few times.. I thought you used to go in? Maybe not lol
    What went on? I don't even know :unsure:
    If we closed down every time someone argued or w/e we'd never be open :lol:
    We just clean/warn and get on with it :)
    Nothing against it over there... But it is a little quiet. Sometimes nothing is posted for ages, Here there is always something new going on lol
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