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  • Merry Christmas!

    Hey Rita....we haven't talked in a long long time... You holding on? *hugs*
    I see I'm not the only one worried about Roxanne... I do hope she's ok and nothing bad happened to her.
    Wouldn't it be nice to be back to the RT times when the whole gang would fool around there....and Michael well and happy in some random country....?
    hey sweety, i'm good. thanks! you?

    i don't know about Rox...she hasn't replied to me yet...hope she's alright...
    I'm fine, thanks!..Just busy with school and stuff haha,
    but it's not too bad. ^_^ Take care hun :heart:..and hope to talk soon.
    Your sis, bela :p
    look who remembered me after all these centuries. whats up rita ? i have missed talking to u on msn. we should catch up sometime. hows everything going in ur life ?
    I am always your friend :) :flowers: there's many things I'd like to tell you :) I miss you :hug:

    Good, how are you?

    I haven't spoken to you in soooo long! Do you still come on MJJC? How's life in beautiful India?
    rita wats wrong with u u never online?

    i'l pm u my email adress incase u havent added it yet
    Hey, rita-mast! I haven't seen you in a while :(
    I miss you!! Hope everything is ok! Hugs!! :heart:
    -bela :p
    hi rita, i was just wondering...why havent u replied ? did i say anything wrong ? :unsure: if so, i apologize.
    heyyyyy rita. how u been girl ? come online on msn sometime so we can chat :) i've missed ya :( hope ur doing well :hug:
    Just saw your message, thank you!

    Happy New Year & enjoy the holidays!
    Best wishes,

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