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  • Hey! Dont think you'd remember me but I still tell people to this day about the set of DVD'S you sent me about 15 years ago! As a teenager at the time with no access to any of those videos at the time I still appreciate it to this day! Still have them all now
    Hey Rik, I Know you haven't been on here for some time, but give us a shout when your next online and let me know how you are, I still have the Prime time live Dvd you sent me ages ago lol, Top quality, anyways hope your well :)
    Hello, I was wondering if you could re-upload The Late Show with Bill Cosby and The Jackson 5 again, pretty please. :)
    Hey ricmj ! I remember you from mjno. Hope all is fine with you. Could you tell me what you avatar is from ? :)
    rik?!! has anyone talked to rik at all? hummm. well hope to see you soon rik.
    Rita! Hey this page has had 478 visits! I'm bored so here I am checking out how high the number of visits gets, lol!
    Hi mate. Long time no talk ... quite busy at the moment and hardly ever on here. Talk to you soon :).
    Rik come on! be my friend. please? :) man! 189 visits! well just wanted to say HEY!
    hiya.....i see the updates have been done and we can leave visitor messages here you are

    just me, saying hello
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