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  • Hi, apologies for replying so late but I've not been on here in awhile. Invincible was mixed too loudly and much of the sounds and instrumentation is buried in the mix; strings, synths, backing vocals, the usual beautiful layers you hear on MJ's other albums are drowned out on Invincible in favour of loud compressed mixing and mastering which was rushed to meet its final deadline.

    The MOV -Music On Vinyl- reveals a lot of music and vocals you can't hear on the cd but to really improve the album and take it to where it deserves to be they would have to go back to the original master tapes and re-mix each track and remaster the entire album. Something like the new Beatles remaster of the Stereo mix of Sgt Pepper which is excellent. This won't happen with MJ though as the estate and label are incompatant and encapable of respecting MJ's music on the same level as The Beatles.
    Hi there. Thanks for the add. :cool:
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