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    Was American Bandstand 2002 the last time we saw MJ with curls (until TII)?

    If him standing still for a few minutes or walking around on stage receives a "dramatic" reaction from the audience, I'm pretty sure no one needs to be concerned about a "dramatic feel" when it comes to one of his performances. He could have performed a gentle song like Heal the World, or even...
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    Bad was supposed to replace wdan

    “The order of the show was changed during preparation for the bad tour show...” If true, does this mean there could be rehearsal footage of this? Or would have this been before rehearsals even happened, in the planning stage? Maybe there were rehearsals of this as there had to be...
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    Why didn't Michael include ABC as part of J5 Medley on his tours?

    A bit off topic - but I wish Michael would have performed the original set list of the Royal Brunei show with APOM, Bad, Dirty Diana, etc. It would have been interesting to see him wear the BWT costume and Bad costume in the HIStory era, or would have he performed APOM and RWY in the DWT outfit...
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Re: New MJ content? I'd rather watch actual footage from an actual concert of his than his hologram dancing, but that's just me
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    Bad World Tour: US leg vs European leg

    Remember we still can’t really confirm if MITM was potentially sung live in Kansas City. It could make sense to sing it live a couple of times before resorting to playback from there on out
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    Bad World Tour: US leg vs European leg

    Starting shows of second leg for sure, and that one Pittsburgh show later on looks pretty good too
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    Projects that have been worked on but never saw the light of day?

    Plus the 95 HBO special, we don't even have rehearsal footage of it. It's a shame both never ended up happening though :(
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    Smooth Criminal leans on HIStory Tour 1997

    Which concert or concerts are you referring to?
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    Smooth Criminal leans on HIStory Tour 1997

    Any way to tell what concert this could be?
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    Imagine if the Estate Will Release a New Concert Every Year

    If only it really was this easy though. They're all more likely to be leaked than officially released at this point because more shows have been leaked than so
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    An idea for a "new" release: Thriller Revisited (plus outtakes)

    The only way the Victory Tour could be involved is to put only the performances of the songs from the Thriller album, like Billie Jean and Beat It. It could be a montage of different performances, or just one to be authentic. At least in those ones, Michael is the lead vocal and performer (yeah...
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    Smooth Criminal leans on HIStory Tour 1997

    I would have loved if Michael alternated between the lean and the choreography done on the Bad Tour. As iconic as the lean is, those extra dance moves are cool to see too
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    This is it covid

    Let's not have such wonders eh? :)
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    Michael Jackson's 3rd show for Sultan of Brunei (New York, mid 1999)?

    ^ I guess this private show may have happened after all. Was it really filmed though? If it was private, I doubt there would be cameras in the room