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  • hi how r ya ? sorry for not sending ya a pm earlier, i'll send u one tomorrow morning, i hope u do not feel offended/direspected.
    **Hey Girl!**

    - It's good to hear from you. Ohh..It's cool. I understand. I get busy with life too. :hug: I hope everything is going well with ya at the home front etc. Yeah,I know this place had become a bit of a 'drag'. I still make 'my rounds ' here though & check in on our Legacy Projects. Well,as for me..I'm doing good. I've been spending time with my family. I also got a little surprise - a kitten. It is a stray that just showed up at my door @ 6 AM in the morning 'meowing' - he's doing good so far and I'm taking him in to a vet. for a check-up to make sure that there's nothing wrong with it. I had Jury Duty all last month and it's finally over! Time to :cheers: ! It's really good to hear from you and please don't be a stranger when you're on k ;) I miss our chats.

    Oh yes pac was asking me of you too.

    As always,you :punk: - Rockin.
    Much :wub:
    Hey how are you ? What is going on ? Are you alright ?

    I hope everything's ok. :)

    *Sending you hugs, love and kisses from France, mmmmmmwaaa !!!!!*
    That's okay, no problem! :cheeky: Oh now I get what kind of help they offer, I wasn't really sure if I understood it right from the website. But such kind of things we have here in The Netherlands too, so I could arrange the same stuff here. It's just really hard finding a company, that's the big problem. :( Will keep on going strong though.
    Thanks for the info girlie! How are things with you? Sending hugs your way! :huggy:
    Hey Rockin, they never replied that I could send their messages. But one did give me a rep point for asking, so I am going to take that as a yes. iw ill send you the BG's response when I get home.

    Hi how r u ?

    Sorry for disturbing you but since u went to uni i was wondering if u could tell me how u wrote ur cover letter for the uni to accept u. I mean how many paragraphs and what to write in the paragraphs etc,...

    I have to write one in english in order to study law next year. (among other things i will study english and american law)

    Have a nice week. [IMG]
    I'm afraid I had already edited out those recordings. :lol: But I'll see if I got something to upload and then send it to you through PM. That's hard, I hope you'll find a nice and fitting job soon! Can imagine how frustrating that feels. On the DSLR; few months ago I bought a Nikon D5000, it's verrry nice! Plus not the most expensive one out there. You can check some of my pics here.

    I have to start my graduation internship this September, still haven't managed to arrange anything. Makes me so depressed, really don't get it. I just don't get any e-mails back from companies in the USA. But - that organisation you mentioned seems like something I could use too! :eek: Is that only for UK'ers or also for other nationalities...? Can't find it that fast on the website, hihi. If you want to, please tell me more about it!
    Can understand you chose for Michael back then, yeah. :heart:
    Hello, One of the senior mods will take a look at your account for you tomorrow and see what is going on. I am not so sure. But they will be able to tell you better. If I hear anything more before tomorrow, I will let you know. I'm sorry I don't know more. Thanks!
    Aww thanks. that means a lot. I hate the way I look and I am saving up for plastic surgery. (i told my mom she is not going to recognize me when I get through. But thats my own personal issues!) LOL! I will look into that for you about the PMs and get back to you in a bit. Also the responses from the BG's were sent in personal PM's to girls on another site. I want to ask their permission before I give their screencaps out since the BG's sent it directly to them and they were nice enough to share. will talk with you soon. Thanks!
    I wanted to let you know again that I was not talking about you. I just think it is sad that people will make up stuff to purposely deceive fans just so they can have their version of things. It is so wrong. They will flat out make things up! Why are people so deceptive. Some fans are worse that the media. anyway, thanks for listening. :hug:
    Sadly that's the problem with the net. Things can get misunderstood and misinterpreted very easily.
    Hi how r u ?

    Dunno where to find temporary job agencies ? Try google + google earth, ask your friend and walk around, ask strangers on the street.

    I have not sent my application i have to figure out something about my adress as i live in a kinda student apartment but will not be living there next academic year.

    Sorry to hear that you did not get the job.

    You have not added me on Facebook yet lol, if u want us to be connected over there, maybe u could give me ur facebook adress or tell me if u would like us to be connected only here for privacy purposes. :)

    Good luck with finding a job Rock. :)
    Hahah good!:lol: Yeah I have some recordings but don't feel like posting them either, I did in the Psychic-thread but not really want to go out public with them yet, way too But it's nice to just go and sing and record, even if for yourself.
    Aw sorry to hear about those rejections, that really sucks! Know all too well about it myself....I'm searching for an internship overseas that's still not working out. :( What kind of job are you looking for exactly? Hope you'll get something soon, don't give up/go doubting yourself! :huggy:
    no but I have been approached by modeling agencies - 3 in the last 2 months. Yea I went to the dr today & got a prescription so I hope by the end of the week I will be cleared up of my Bronchitis and ear infection!
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