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  • Hey girl! I saw your post in the 'post yourself singin MJ'-thread, about recording. Do you have a PC or a Mac? :) I assume a PC, then you could buy a microphone at a store (doesn't have to be expensive) and record it with the program Audacity, that's free to can Google it.
    Hope you're doing fine? :huggy:
    I have either Bronchitis or Pnuemonia. I guess its Bronchitis- I don't know if you can get Pnuemonia in May lol. Anyway I'm going to dr on Mon cause I just wanna die lol. If you ever have been so so sick and couging, sneezing and had clogged ears- you know the feeling. Hey you have MSN or yahoo? I got rid of AIM but I have those 2 ; I sit at home so bored I wanna talk wiht other fellow members. Mine info is: yahoo IM Geminifox MSN: Foxygem84
    Job ? Well, i had the job i told you about the other week, i could not work this week because of my leg, i'll probably work next week. The thing is i am searching for jobs via a temporary job agency (dunno how to say it sorry) so they call you for one week, after that week they call you to work for a few days, then for another week somewhere else, etc....... but i am searching for more stable jobs on the internet.

    As for uni, i'll study law, but being accepted will be hard because of all the drop in, drop out stuff i told you about.

    What about you ? How are you ? Any news ? Has anybody called you for a job ?

    Hey you have not added me on Facebook yet !!!! :) It is ok, take your time, just tell me if it works or not.

    Have a nice night and Saturday Rockinina. :) Oh by the way, tell me if you want me to stop calling you that or another nickname of that kind.
    Just sent you another PM with my facebook details + msn. I did write my Facebook details in my previous PM Rockinina. :)

    By the way, i hate being tagged in pics so do not do that on Facebook plz :), i hate it cause to me it makes my Facebook less private.
    Ok i just added you on msn messenger. Um, the facebook adress does not work ? Damn !! As i told you in my previous PM, it might be because of the privacy settings, i'll send it to you one more time, if it does not work could you send me your facebook adress plz ? Mine is pretty empty anyway, i go there from time to time but the thing is i'd like each other to keep in touch. You know like , so that when i ask myself what you are up to or if you are doing ok in some years from now, i can use Facebook to know.

    Ok lemme send it. :)
    Yes amiga. :)

    I mean as i told you i do not know what to believe but i kind of think he is alive...... but there you came with your Joe video lol. Why did you have to throw my birthday cake on the floor and walk all over it like that ? :sad2:

    Hey Rockinina, do you have msn ? I go there from time to time maybe you could send me your adress via a PM or vice versa.

    Have a nice weekend. :)
    lol, for some reason as soon as I saw "Franseca" I thought of "Fabregas"! So I can see why they call you that. :lol:

    And since I don't have to go anywhere in the morning (or pretty much all day, every day) it doesn't really matter what time I go to bed. Right now I'm installing a new operating system otherwise I'd be in bed now...such a nerd. :p

    Do you have to go anywhere? College? University? Work?
    lol, yes silly. "You fail!" :lol:

    And I somehow don't know your name yet, mind telling me what it is?
    When a girl will upload a photo of herself but write something like 'I'm fat!' or 'I'm ugly!' on the image caption when they're clearly not and know it. This causes people to comment and say things like 'Oh you're not fat you look hot.' which boosts their self-esteem.

    Attention whoring, essentially,


    Just one of my pet peeves.
    lol, I would never think of you as a poser!

    Only the girls on Facebook who tend to write negative and obviously false crap about themselves on the image caption to fish for compliments. You don't do that do you?! :nono: :lol:
    No, but now I have. Looks like people making a big deal out of nothing, some people like to cause drama I guess.

    When things get heated like that I just leave the thread and don't go back.
    Yay. :yes: I'm alright, busy like whoah. =/ I can't believe this is the first time I've been on here in three or four days...I think that's a record. =P School is insane and intense, but I'm holding up. Most of the time. How are you?
    Just "pocket money" from my Dad I get every Sunday. My Grandfather usually gives me £10 whenever he sees me too, but that's not very often.

    And yeah, why would they even be stupid enough to record it in the first place? THEN proceed to put it on the internet? :doh: But to be honest it doesn't really surprise me that things like that happen.
    Plus I'm 16, very limited in terms of what jobs I can get. Since I have a big pile of money (at least it is to me with my weekly income of £10) and nothing to really spend it on I don't think I'll be needing a crappy minimum wage job...:p

    And yeah, very disturbing, but the thread is still there.

    You should upload a new pic btw, I took some new ones and posted them in the picture thread.
    Hello how r u ? I can't really remember the nightmare but at the end there was a young lady drowning telling me everything would be alright by saying "its all good" or something like that. I couldnt hear her but i could see her lips so i could figure out what she was telling me. She was trapped cause the surface was hard so she couldnt be reached, she could not get out. Its hard to explain on a computer sorry. Anyway this nightmare was more sad than scary. Thx for taking the time to send me a PM, its very nice of u as you do not know me from Adam but still write nice words to me. I found work thx to a temporary work agency. I'll only work one week, maybe i'll work a lil more ill know that later this week, but i'm searching for another job anyhow. I'm very tired as i work from 1:30 pm to 9 pm so i'll answer ur PM later since i wanna answer it in a good way.

    Hope u do not mind.

    Have a nice week, thx again Rockinina. :) I hope you are ok.
    Thank you. :hug:
    I am feeling so, so weak and sick. :cry: I am tired of being sick all the time. I dont know what to do anymore. :(
    Well if I didn't stick with it I'd have to get a job, rather not do that thanks. :lol:

    And yes I've seen that video, sooo adorable!
    No exams but I have to do work, both written work and more practical work which I will have to go into the college at some point to do, but that's okay. Yes we learn how to make music and lots of other things I could care less about, lol.

    And no, it isn't what I want to do at all, in fact, I don't know what I want to do. I'll look more into that towards the end of the 'course'.
    Don't go to school, finished last year.

    Was kinda' 'forced' by my parents to do a music technology course at college, I hated it and just started not going in at all so I talked with my teacher and we made a compromise, I don't have to go into college but can do all the work from home and I only need to go see him every Thursday so he can set me new work to do.

    That way I'll at least have something to show for the year instead simply dropping out.
    I'm great, nothing to worry me at all right now. So much free time, but my friends are all busy, getting a bit bored. :lol:
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