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  • Hi how r u ? I just had a nightmare lol. Oh u wrote one ? I wrote my previous visitior message thinking you'd have to take the time to write a reply, well if u wrote it yes send it plz.
    What up ? Just wanted to tell you i do not need an answer to my pm anymore as i think i found solutions. Plz do not answer it, i do not wanna go back to that time of my life.
    aww hugs xxx what sort of stuff? :( you can PM me if you like if you want to talk about it. about anything. I've been through shitty home stuff. I'm pretty up and down too. not feeling so great atm. I haven't watched the TII extras yet. :huggy: lots of love xxx :angel:
    Hi again! :)

    I'm fine... today. lol! Not every day I feel fine.... (Michael). :(

    And you?


    Hi Rockin! :)

    I accepted you on my friends list. Be welcome.... :cheeky: See you....



    I don't know, I do get a bit emotional sometimes but have never shed a tear. And I've only been a fan for just over a year now, so that might be a contributing factor...
    No way, it's terrible! I'mma upload another sometime...the one you posted is amazing though tbh. :cheeky:
    Im sorry to hear that, u do not have to feel sorry for not being around for a while (thats what u wrote in your previous visitor message), forums r cool but nothing compared to real life which is MUCH more important.

    I do not know what i could tell you to make you feel better as i do not think ive ever been in this kind of situation. I hope your grandad will be fine so you can spend many years together. Im sorry to hear about the boy who left this world so soon.

    I'd give you a warm hug if it were physically possible.

    I really hope your mum and you will be able to spend many years with ur grandad. Sorry for not knowing what to say to make feel better.

    *Sending you lots of hugs/kisses/L.O.V.E.*

    Yep, it actually looks pretty good. Washing my hair is so much easier now...and I can see out of both eyes! :lol:
    Oh how r u Rockin ? I'm sorry to hear that, tell me more plz, what happened ? I hope you're ok.

    *hugs, Sending you a lot of L.O.V.E. *
    No... :fear:

    Dawww, that does sound boring. :p

    At least you have fresh, pollution-free air...I assume. And noisy cars not going by your house every second when you're trying to sleep. :D
    Aww thankyou, you made me blush. :blush: Practice will do! Just focus and be completely open, words will come at you when you least expect. And you make perfect inspiring posts sooo... ;) Good you feel better on here, but hope your homebase will be some more fun soon too girl! And you know if you ever need a talk, I'm here. Just sent me a PM or anything. I'm okay - about to get ready for classes! Ttyl!
    Indeed...and I thought you were American? Saying "tonight" leads me to believe otherwise as the time zones there vary from about 6 - 8 hours behind the UK.
    lolololol, I see.

    And I mean really now...I know some websites don't like people hotlinking their images, but putting pictures like THAT in its place is just taking it too far. :blink:

    I'm still not sure why you got the 'correct' picture though...weird.
    Now you're confusing me! :lol:

    First, you posted a link to the bad picture on my wall, that was the first of the 3 links, the other two were fine.

    THEN you posted the bad picture, not a link but you embedded the actual image on my wall.
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