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  • OK, THANK YOU! It's all gone now! :hug:

    So...yes, this looks pretty good. Might have it something like that.

    Lol u aint trying ? How do you survive then ? lol Here is the link, i dunno how much he does sing as i cant tell after the beginning but its a nice performance. Dyou know where i could find beat it from Munich during the dangerous tour ? I dunno if it exists, the audio does though i think. Here's the link, tell me what you think after watching it when u got time plz :
    No problem, I know you didn't mean to do it. ^_^

    Don't forget to remove the one in the third post's just right in my face, lol. :puke:
    :flowers: would be interesting and really what's the worst that could happen? seems like the bonus of going would out weigh any negative,you think? Do you guys have YMCA's type places where you live? Also there's always those 'Shop Classes' that ppl. sign up for..that includes a number of things and excerise..I've seen alot of ppl. speak of this recently in threads in the age groups of 21-34 here. I always wanted to take some 'Classs' for enlightenment on any subject that I really like.. :lol: Just weighing some possible options with you. I think getting out there and living by your own terms makes one happy,independent and the possibility of meeting new ppl. as well. :hug:
    Hello Rockin im fine thx how r u ? :) Nice to hear from u. As for the PM, its ok take ur time :). Have a nice week. I hope ill find a job next week. By the way i saw mj's performance of BOW at munich during the dangerous tour, i was surprised didnt know he had sung it live, dunno how much he uses playback there but i hadnt heard him sing that song live that much.
    Hold on a second...the first pic...WHAT THE HELL?! :bugeyed


    I see...the site doesn't like the image being hotlinked so it puts...that in its place. You might want to edit it out. :blink:
    It's waaaay too long! :lol:

    But loool, no way am I going to have it short. I don't really know how I want it but I guess I'd like it to be kinda' long, maybe just past my eyes? idk.

    My Auntie even said "if you get it cut, I'll give you £100" I said yes, I decided to get it cut before she even said that so...:woohoo:
    2 bad buddy...I'm getting my hair cut on Thursday. :p

    Hope it doesn't turn out too bad, but then again it'd be pretty hard to make it worse than it already is. :ph34r:
    Hello how r u today ? I just wanted to tell you that the woman you follow on youtube uploaded a video yesterday, i dunno how good it is as i haven't watched it so i didnt post it in the hoax thread but check it out if u want. Have a nice sunday and week. :) Edit: ok i watched it and didnt really like it.
    thanks. the guy in that photo I dunno'' my friend made them it looks like he took and pasted me on magazine cover but like magazine pages or adverts in them. he is kind of cute though whom ever he is lol.. to be honest i never liked my legs yep really..:lol: so thats a huge compliment to me. ohh i get lazy too..but yeah I really think we both should try to exercise more..and yes for sure go for it, look around and find the right place 4 you and wouldn't hurt to go a few times even alone u never know u may find ppl there you have alot in common if you pick something u really like exercise wise that could help find others w/same interests. if u don't like it u don't have 2 go back. great ideal! :wub:
    I am ok too thx. :) Mine was no better. Take your time when replying, i mean do not rush, i'm a lil sorry for sending it as its a little long. By the way do u know how to make a gif outta a video ? I mean a signature gif.

    But nope, no type of cat or dog at all unfortunately. And your cat is really cute. ^_^
    Oh yes, it was a good "wow"... :shutup: :innocent:

    And I'd love to get one...but I can't even get a regular cat ( or dog for that matter) because my mum is allergic to them. <_<
    :lol: That is a very nice thought :idea: Michael in our livingrooms* :moonwalk:
    Me likes this* :cheeky:

    ~Your very beautiful! :D Oh yeah just basic yoga postures and flexibility,sometimes I try to do more endurance poses. swimming is a good way to work out too..I have a lazy streak sometimes though,I should try and excerise more seriously. :doh:
    okay,I hope you do find it. yeahh like wow it would be really cool if they were to be like that! :wild: :horror :happytv
    ohh :blushing: Thank you. I do swim,but I do yoga type exercise. Is that you in your avatar on your profile?
    Yeah actually I can imagine tvs being like that in the future. :wild:
    The Halperin thread was closed I suspect for the same reason as the Sony thread,ppl just getting off topic and not being polite to each other.
    awwhh that would be nice of you to show me a picture/video of the music box. thanks. :flowers:
    Im kinda ok thx. To answer ur question, yes she was, check her last video on youtube. Thx for reading my PM, have a nice weekend :).
    I get you I feel like that too *stuck* like the song says Too high to get over Too low to get under you're stuck in the middle and the pain is thunder. We'll make it through okay :better:
    Oh I want to see Alice In Wonderland as well :D Oh That's really cool 3D is really :wild: experience the first time Sounds like you had fun
    Gosh,I really do love music boxes Like I told you I still have one older 1 & another The one you were telling me about sounds soo beautiful Swan Lake & everything! I would love to see that one. Well it's cool about that sony thread getting closed anyways,not you,but a lot of others had wayyy more to say in there,I know you've seen it.I posted a thread warning fans about that Halperin film coming out this summer it was lockedI felt bad about postin itbut It was locked because no 1 could keep from getting upset about things others say. you know how that goes its hard sometimes. I'm just chillin' it's almost 8PM here,reading through a few threads. :wub:
    Hmm..wanted to rep you for your post on my poem but it said I should rep around be4 giving it to you again. :lol:
    So anyway, thanks girl! How've ya been? Doing better...?
    Hey. :waving: what are you up to? not alot here.just checking in on MJJC to see what's going on today. thought I'd drop over and say :hello:
    Glad that you liked that. :D I love music boxes too. I have one as well like yours! I've had this one since I was a little girl Hah! I think they're beautiful. As far as the thread.. I don't know which one you're talking about,but I wouldn't worry about it Rockin. I'm pretty sure that it just got out of hand by everyone is why it was deleted. I've read you're posts and I would be very surprized if you were banned ,because you aren't attacking ppl. in your posts,imho you just say your opinion with L.O.V.E. Don't worry about it hun* it'll be cool. :wub:
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