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  • Hi Rockin how r u ? I just sent you a PM. By the way you know that video uploader um, the video uploader you told me about, i mean that girl, she uploaded a video saying she'd stop making videos as she received threats, she has been hacked etc....... Have a nice evening and week. :)
    i would've written about michael but it had to be a living person.. and it's mainly just about the writing but i thought it'd be nice to stand out from the mass.

    my dream is to work in some other country in the future aswell, are you still in school, do you study something?
    hey i just came from my english exam! not sure how it went but i wrote an essay about prince :D i'm pretty confident it wasn't very popular subject (the task was to write about someone who will do much good in the future, i'd imagine everyone wrote about barack obama since he was in the other parts of the test aswell)

    hope you're doing well :hug:
    awwhh keep your head up :cheeky: but do get some shut eye... I'll be around tomorrow.. I'm glad that you liked the videos. :D

    PS if you want the Jackson 5 remix. It's on the Jackson 5 Ultimate Collection
    :waving: hehehh.. :yes: that it is...very difficult for me as well,but it will all be over soon..I pray. :angel:
    Keep :punk: Rockin.
    I post frequently on MJHD ( forum. People are friendly there. I know the hoax is for many hard to imagine but its the road Ive taken in terms of investigation and discussions.

    Oh, I recieved my This is It - Double DVD limited edition in the mail!!! So happy!!!
    hehe i've been thinking to get the bluray too though i don't have a br player :D it has the best extras so maybe someday i'll buy a player too..

    ugh the listening comprehensions were pretty difficult.. there are usually 5 sections and each of them are on different subject. then there is 3 alternatives for each question and you have to choose the best one.. yeah didn't go too well for me :no: hopefully the written exams go better so i at least stay on my own level..

    i'm from finland, what about you? :)
    Cool! :) I'm okay, bit stressed out from all that I have to do...bwuh. How's u? Had a nice weekend? X
    The 10 deleted posts for a ban isn't with any kind of deletion. It's if it is a disrespectful post towards any member, Jackson family member, or staff member.
    I'm not sure if it is shown on post history for members but it is for staff.
    In most cases you should be informed of anything that has been moderated.
    But sometimes if a whole thread has to be cleaned there is too many to send PM's out. You can view your own posts though and it should show there if anything has been deleted. :yes:
    Hi Rockin. Thank you! You're very thoughtful, I havent logged on here for ages, been busy posting on other MJ forums. Im doing well.. How are you doing? Take care of yourself!
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