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  • 3 years since we've met and now we're living together! ahhh!!!! Time flies. Love you! :flowers:

    PS. Thank you Michael!!
    You've been a great blessing in my life. We've had our ups and downs just like others would but I have to say you are the greatest thing that ever happened to me. I love you very much! :)

    PS. Im typing this to you as you're sleeping in my office like a little angel. :D
    You're my perfect other half. Just think, in this very forum is where we first met. Muchos besos babe! :huggy: :wub:
    you are my happy place. :yes: Thanks for all the laughs you've brought in my life! :huggy:
    :huggy: :kiss: <---- you're the one with the hair. Hahaha!!! (seriously whats up with that. lol)
    Hahaha! I know right!? :lol:

    mmMMMmm caandy lol
    I remember Disneyland had these SUPER large lollipops. Insanity. lol
    Do you want a signature/avatar which match to each other, here?
    Or do you want a wallpaper/banner etc something like that?
    I Will sure make a one to you.
    You just only have to show me some picture and text you want in!

    Happy Thanks Giving! I wish you and your loved ones a loving day. :huggy:
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