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  • hiya roger babe .:huggy:
    yep ,i can share this with you .no problem .
    i got this picture from randomly googling .
    think its from 2006 ? prob. around the wmas .
    ive had a few comments on this :thinking:
    however , yes michael looks beautiful . and il just comment on your avvy and say you are looking stunning too .
    emailing you the pic now .
    with much love ~

    edit~has been sent .let me know if i was successfull.
    You're welcome :)...

    haha yeah it is lol.. The first time I went to Jetzi I think thats the site..well anyways when i entered , well i had my speakers on so i hear "Hey I'm Michael Jackson, I'm not a *****!!" or something like that..but when i heard that I jumped up so high lol... i wasnt expecting a greeting like that LOL.. haha

    No problem again :D
    ohhh wait sorry..I read your Messege over. And yeah you're not the only who who has asked me where to find a video to my GIF..and idk know if there is a video??
    That would be cool if there was a video though...:yes:
    Hello!!I am good..and how about yourself.. :)

    Well haha I randomly found this of MJ stretching by browsing..I just came across it somehow lol.. If you want i can send you this GIF??
    Oh not at all. I actually forgot I had written it :) Not to worry. Sometimes when I am bored or procrastinating I go profile browsing and every once in a while make comments. Take care!
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