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    Would you be open for a duet between Michael and Paris?

    no, unless they give her scraps like they did with drake where mike had a line recorded in lazy head voice some throwaway 20 seconds loop he recorded while taking a dump.
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    if mj wasnt such a formulatic touring artist and switched up the performances from tour to tour rather than take what worked and copy paste it you wouldn't be arguing to notice energy changes lol its ridiculous especially the argument for "his interpretation of the music" huh? he wasn't even...
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    Is this information about the unreleased songs true?

    what do you mean, it says here it was auctioned but not sold they still have to verify its legitimacy and make sure they can sell it in the first place and by the way thats not the only unreleased ive heard been sold in an auction
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    Is this information about the unreleased songs true?

    problem with the illegal theory is that if these songs are auctioned at legit places they need to supply the buyer with certificates and shit to let them know its legit, don't think you'd print out certificates for something you sell on the DL so again more confusion hopefully someone here knows...
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    Is this information about the unreleased songs true?

    the only logical answer is that this is done in a pirated illegal way but its so public that the estate must know this is happening so its weird how they just let it happen and not sue people left and right. im pretty sure that the pav&mj song was fake and i know they sold the bible jason...
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    Is this information about the unreleased songs true?

    id love to know where this info is from like how would anyone know if CGYWOOM was discussed in a sony meeting...weirdly specific piece of info right? also how is it legal to auction songs off? aren't the only people who hold the copyright to sell these songs are the estate the writers and...
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    2009-06-12 Smooth Criminal Filming at Culver Studios

    i actually never notice the MJAIR blip at 4:30 nice call to the mjair plane they planned
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    drag his ass!! lol but cms you get why this is annoying? the "NEW SNIPPET" is false its not new its like calling jason malachi michael jackson, its not.
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    Underrated Jackson 5/Jacksons/young MJ songs

    "maybe tomorrow" did the whole LOVE ON TOP modulations before it was cool lol wing of my love is super hard vocally take me back & ill come home are both super underrated imo
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    What you think about the 30th Anniversary concerts?

    wow...i NEVER seen that sooml performance how the F did i miss that. is there better quality? and BTW he does sound impressively healthy at those "i love you korea" its a straight up belt, a little texture on the KOREA but he sustained and it cleared up, actually interesting with this in mind to...
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    the whole song is already online nothing new bout this other than the quality being SLIGHTLY better
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    Michael Jackson's attitude towards women in his music

    actually an interesting point something i didn't notice before, isnt she's out of my life and Elizabeth i love you written by him? anyways im just going to chuck this up to being a different time in history
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    Documentary About Invincible Coming Soon?

    i feel like this might be a result of the sudden commercial interest in the song "heaven can wait"
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    Best MJ Remixers

    one of the best ive heard in a WHILE
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    When will they finally give up?

    i thought he said there are no stems for the 12 songs so where did the acapella come from?