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    Diana Ross Will Be Interviewed By Oprah

    I agree with some of you guys. I would like hear what Diana has to say about and MJ and how she felt about his death today. I'd like she had talked about him because whatever she would talk, it would be just nice things about him. Diana must have made a agreement to not be asked about him...
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    Diana Ross Will Be Interviewed By Oprah

    I can't wait for this interview. And I want see what Evan Ross would talk about MJ. Oprah must ask all of them about Michael, but Evan is special because he was the closest with Michael of all Diana's children. :wild:
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    Diana Ross Will Be Interviewed By Oprah

    I'm sure Oprah will ask about Michael if she can. -_-
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    Hollywood Tonight - Official Discussion Thread

    Me too. I'm starting like so much of Hollywood Tonight! Maybe it's my favorite in the album
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    The Great Debate - Poll of Polls

    Yes, it's MJ. I listen to the album and, beyond all the things was said, I think is Michael. Don't matter what the Cascios or the Jacksons said.
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    BAD 25 - 2012 - General Discussion [Closed] please cont. discussion in BAD25 Announcement thread

    Re: Future MJ Projects from Estate - Bad World Tour DVD OMG, my dream was they release the show at the Wembley. :dancin:
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    Best Song on MICHAEL?

    I love so much Much Too Soon But I'm just crazy about Hollywood Tonight
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    Are we MJ female fans the only ones who consider Michael physically attractive?

    People always get suprised when I say things like ''OMG What wonderful man'' or ''He is so sexy'' so I think is just us, the fans, that consider him as a handsome man. I know girls who know him, watched clips and dvds of shows and think he's ugly. Or he is ugly because the plastic surgeries.
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    Most Romantic MJ song?

    The Lady in My Life is the best ever. I love so much Break of Dawn too, but The Lady in My Life is perfect
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    MJ & LMP portrait

    Please, someone know if the painting was given by David Nordahl himself to Julien's Auction? I just wondering who was the owner of it because if MJ and Lisa was divorced when the painting was finished, for who Nordahl did give the painting.? Sorry for ''wake up'' the thread after a long time...
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    Michael - The Official New Album - Out December 14th - General Discussion Thread

    I loved Breaking News, Hold My Hand, KYHU, but I feel the vocals of then others musics strange... However, I will wait for hear the complete album take a decision.
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    2 new 2011 official calendars

    When I get a job and have money, I will buy! :no:
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    60 Minutes poll: MJ is the second artist that most Americans would like to see in concert.

    I don't know about the Americans, but MJ is the first artist that I would like to see in concert!