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  • I know it's been a while since you were here, I see it's your birthday so although you won't see this I hope it's a very good one for you :) xx
    :huggy: ah...some days are better than others tbh.
    but ,there will always be a huge void , wont there :(:huggy:

    im wishin you a great week babe .thanx for stoppin by :wub:
    stay strong, k ? .:huggy:
    roxy ..ive been ill ..and
    upon that, taking a break ..:sigh:
    it gets too much some days ...
    but...i wont yapp or complain too much ,.
    miss you , i miss the gang ...
    your message made me smile , thanx for replying, so soon . bless you . :wub:
    Hiya Roxy! :huggy: So good to see you girl! Hope all is well with you too.
    Thanks for dropping in, and yeah....things are so different around here.
    Yeah, was my front row night. I know, I feel the same. I don't know if I am in denial or what but something don't feel right. If when he was here, The thought of him leaving.. I don't like using the D word.. I used to think I would cry non stop for ages over it. I just havent, just a few times. It's to the point where I feel guilty that I havent much.. I'm just too numb still.
    yeah not too bad ty. Was meant to be doing something very special tomorrow night, You can guess what. :sigh:
    Hi Roxy! :)
    No apologies necessary. I totally understand your feelings.
    I'm just glad that you're OK. So good to see you girl!
    Take care, eh? ;)
    thank you everyone for ur concerns. i'm ok now. hope u guys are all fine as well. if any of u wanna reach me sometime my email is : since i dont visit this forum anymore. *hugs*
    Roxy. :hug: How are you?
    I just want you to know that I love and miss you very much. :huggy:
    Hope you come back soon!! :give_heart:

    -Gia :heart:
    hi roxanne i havent seen you for a long time, I hope your ok just be strong and be there to appreciate the talent that is michael jackson, thats the only way to keep him alive
    Roxy; I am trying to go earlier than Jan, 14th... I dunno who will be going on that dte.. Darvon is coming from the us and asked me if I would pay $500.00 us currency for a tcket on sept 29. what do you think? is that a decent price? They will be staying in an apartment and she said I could stay with them, so I would not be alone. I read on here that ticketmasters is still selling tocket today for the 13th dah... I am so darn confused I dunno what the heck. plz respond ty
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