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  • Just stopping by, I think we are going to the concert at the same date :) July 16th. Cool! :) Looking forward?
    Hello Roxanne,
    Hey! So now, the time has finally come. MJ tours at last, what we've all been waiting for! How are you? Excited about MJ I suppose! Are you going to nine shows? Will you fly back and forth from Greece in between when there are no shows? I am also going on July 8, 10. Do you wanna meet up?

    This will be my first trip out of the country! :wild:
    I'm going with my cousin. :D
    ..looking forward to a fabulous time! hehe :girl_happy:
    You're very welcome! *hugs!* :heart:
    I'm fine, thanks! ;) I'm just a little cold, tired and hungry haha :lol::p

    Yep I'm going on Sep 6. It's gonna be great-i'm sooo excited! :girl_happy:
    Hey coxy..
    Naah...come on ...Im sorry i could not reply

    I have not seem slumdog yet...could not get any chance to see the movie :( u going to see MJ??? In london??
    Hi, Roxanne, thank you for your conxern. I am ok and very excited for Mj. I will pm you soon. god bless.
    roxanne used a van and ran over a man who was drinking from a can that he held in his hand!
    you're welcome and thank you for your kind words! :girl_smile:
    Take care and God bless! *Hugs!*
    Hi Roxy!! :hug: It is so nice to hear from you.
    I've been pretty good, busy with school and stuff haha
    lol :lol: I hadn't noticed how fast I replied ;)

    I just happened to login almost at the same time that you sent me the message I guess :D
    No, I feel ya. You just cant judge a book by it's cover....and that works both ways on each of their parts. Know what I mean?
    I dont have the energy nor desire to post in there any more.
    Carry on my friend.
    wibbly wibbly wibbly wooo roxy my love how are you ?:lol:
    soz ..somat difrent ~:toofunny: *bighug*

    These are my Prayers for You.
    A Relaxed Mind,
    A Peaceful Soul,
    A Joyful Spirit,
    A Healthy Body
    A Heart full of Love..
    I Wish You Happy New Year

    Luv yu, Mickie
    thanx you sweetie , that was so sweet and touching to come back to :wub:
    have a blessed , beautiful and happy new 2009 ! love you girlie ! xxxxxxxxx
    Aww thank you Roxanne that was sweet :) I'll try not to be too hard on anyone when Modding in RT's you are all nice and I have my friends there but I will have to do my job when needed :lol: Ty again :hug:
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