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  • Dear Rudolf
    My New Year Wish for you

    Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    My Christmas Wish For You

    Comfort on difficult days
    smiles when sadness intrudes
    laughter to kiss your lips
    hugs when spirits sag
    beauty for your eyes to see
    friendships to brighten your being
    faith so that you can believe
    Love to complete your life


    May this day bring to you all things that make you smile

    Love , Mickie (Qbee)
    Hi!!! thanks for your compliments! I love making covers for Michael.. it's my way to remember him .. but because of my job I have very few time....
    I like your cover so so much.. elegant... not full of useless pictures.... really really great.. maybe in the meanwhile you can take my place in making cover for the forum!! :)
    As far as I know, he quit smoking during his last years.

    Me? I've been enjoying summer vacation and spend a lot of time outdoors. Which kinda backfired today when I spent a lot of time in the sun and got sunburn all over my body. It hurts like hell... :(
    They're great too. Brussels seems better to me cuz they did some really funky improvs and whatnot in a couple of songs that they usually didn't do, and the voice was pretty great too.
    Say whaaaa? Up top dawg! *highfive* :lol:

    Yup, I def agree with you on that one. Though you should check out the audio from Brussels '84, the very first show of the Works Tour. The tour itself was probably the worst vocally, but as expected, during the first night it sounded great (way better than expected considering Freddie's recent smoking habits).

    Here's how he sounded that night:

    PS: Read the description, it pretty much sums up what I mean, and explains the situation way better, especially the smoking thing and whatnot.

    Brussels '84 was def a great one, in my book. He nailed pretty much all of the high notes from It's A Hard Life, in full voice. And that's not the only song he NAILED that night. Check it out whenever you have time, the quality is pretty good too and it's def a listen-able (made that word up, yeah) amateur concert.

    i got mixed feelings on this, been a fan since 77 seeing star wars at 10 years old and defo prefer the original cuts but its lucas films & he can do what he wants with 'em fans be damned i guess though film franchise might be done nowhadn't heard of the fan editor, thanks for telling me about it, will check into it.Peace.
    Love it! Love it! A very big Happy Birthday to ya mate. :)
    hey hey hey !! it's your birthday !!! then ...


    :girl_karaoke: :girl_karaoke: haaappyyy biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirthday tooooooooooo youuuuuuuuuuuu !!:girl_karaoke::girl_karaoke:


    I wish you a wonderful day :cheers: ;)
    Heya, you put Queen footage, Montreal on youtube? AWESOME!! I've just started listening to them again. I only own greatest hits 3 cd collection and Live at Wembley dvd, but this blu-ray looks amazing!!

    I have a question that I hope you can answer. In the past, Michael Jackson discussion was divided between "serious discussion" (such as meaning of lyrics) and lighthearted discussion (eg. a dog dancing to 'Billie Jean'). Is all Michael Jackson discussion in one place these days?:thinking:
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