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  • i have BJ jackets to sell but dont know how to sell it abroad. do u have any idea? r u interested in trading wt me? i m not a scam or anything like that. pls visit my blog and u will see:
    Thank you so much for the friend request!
    I love your signature! Hope to talk to you soon! =)
    Hi!! Thank you for sending friend request.
    I always check your you tube uploading.
    Nice to seeing you.
    I've never seen that either. My grandmother did, however, and she loved it. I should rent it sometime. It's a wonder in itself that you were able to read my "about me" section. The colour of the font against the white background makes it almost impossible to read. MJJC should really address that. Maybe I'm the only one with the issue?
    I've never read either, but TCOMC has been on my list of books to acquire. I've heard good things about it.
    Yes, I notice you're the only one :D, just saw you one day, somebody from Latvia cause it's kinda strange to nothice her somebody from the Baltic countries (I've never noticed anybody from Estonia :smilerolleyes:). I thing there are problem in language, at least in my country, cause we have Lithuanian forum and ppl here don't know English. Some ppl I know are members of and

    What is your youtube channel? I can't find it.
    Awww, thank you very much. The video is amazing and the end is epic from Brunei. Thank you for making such a nice videos ;).

    There ain't no much fans here in Lithuania or maybe we don't know about each other :). I'd like to meet with the other fans, to make some special event...but there lack of activity here :(.But there are people here that love Michael from the bottom of their hearts, as well as in Latvia (i do believe that there are many fans in Latvia, just they ain't united, tha same problem as here).

    i'm really very upset cause can't watch your video. How it comes that this stuff is available in your country (Latvia) and not available in Lithuania :(. Could you upload on megaupload? :)

    Thanks for the friend request :)

    I realy ♥ your videos on YouTube channel! I hope, you continue your good work.

    Nice to meet you ;)

    Greetings from Lithuania :)
    Hey it wasnt your fault =It started out innocent enough
    it just blew up is all _ please dont worry about it :)
    So you're that guy I know on YouTube who puts up those amazing videos?

    I can't stress it enough, YOU'RE AWESOME.
    That's ok ;)

    I had differing views about the death of Osama bin Laden with another member so I had my donator rights taken away from me for a month :p
    Thank you for your friend request :) You're my first friend here (in fact you are my first online virtual friend ever)
    Yes MJHDvideos, I am a donator ;)

    Sorry for the late reply, I haven't been online in a month.

    Thanks for the friend invitation :D

    Nope I live in Poland, Warsaw to be more fastidious :lol: I visited Lithuania few days ago, and was posting my impressions to friends here :D maybe that's why you thought I live there :hug: anyway we still live cquite close to each other :)

    Nice to meet you! :)

    PS. I really like your videos on YT! you're talented with video montages!
    Wow. How could I miss your YT channel 'till now? Such a great one. Thanks for your brilliant work :hug: !
    Yep that's right, I believe that is the right email address for paypal. Once the donate tab is gone though from the top of the page we will have enough donations for the next year so there won't be any need for a while hopefully!
    Hi there,

    That's the members that you have on your friends list that have a plus beside them. :)

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