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    "This Is It" Rehearsals Dates?

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to reconstruct the rehearsals dates footage that we have in the "This Is It" DVD. On the internet I found this information, can anyone confirm them or know anything else? I didn't included the rehearsals of June 4th and June 23rd/24th because everyone knows! Pic 1...
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    Rare victory photo

    This photo should be from rehearsals. I found another one where he wears the same red jacket and white pants, with the only difference that he wears a white T-Shirt and not the white shirt. This photo is from the book 'Never Can Say Goodbye; Katherine Jackson Archives' (2010)
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    where can i get HQ pics of mj from the 2006 world music awards?

    I found these two photos in my archive, I hope you like them :D
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    Bad World Tour - Film Camera on stage

    I was looking at some photos from the Bad World Tour in my archive, and I noticed this one. Behind Mike we can see a cameraman holding a 35mm film camera, during one of the European Leg concerts (should be London). It would be really cool to see a concert from this tour in Full HD or in 2K/4K...
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    Poll: A Place With No Name or Another Day

    I voted for Another Day, I really like the guitar!
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    Dangerous Tour outfit or HIStory Tour outfit?

    I like the black jacket with golden belts. I don't like the costume of the HIstory World Tour without armor
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    Favourite Dangerous Tour concert

    My favourite concert is Monza, 1992
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    Best rock song?

    I voted for Dirty Diana, but also They Don't Care About Us, Privacy and Come Together I like them very much
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    What's the Most Overrated MJ Album?

    Thriller is the most overrated, people only know the album for that song! Invincible is the most underrated, that album deserves more.
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    Michael never used auto tune, right?

    I think he used the autotune in the Privacy choirs.
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    When Do You Guys Expect New Music?

    From what I know, many of Michael Jackson unpublished song are incomplete, I hope that songs sung by Michael come out, and not by Jason Malachi!
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    Michael Jackson in Blu Ray/HD

    To get HD videos you have to extract them from the Master Tape (35mm), this was done for Bucharest 1992 and Moonwalker. I hope one day Wembley 1988 comes out in HD, and other concerts.
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    Rare Pictures Thread
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    Rare Pictures Thread Rare photo from the concert in Mexico City, 1993