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  • Hey, you're back!? Are you watching the Olympics? I'm in the same time zone as the Olympics but it's still not easy keeping up with everything. Sometimes things are scheduled at the same time! Hope you come back soon. :)
    Thanks sweetie!!
    Yea he is one beautiful man he!?
    Hi Safira! : ) I just saw that it was your birthday on the main page and wanted to wish ya a very happy birthday <3 ~Abbey
    I hope you are doing alright. I haven't seen or heard from you for a long time now. Please take care of yourself.
    Oiiiii SAfira! I also think like you. I hope the media let alone the children of Michael and they have a normal life and be happy. You gone come the forum! How are you? kisses for you and see you soon, :)
    Oiiiiiiii Safira!!!!
    We're all that way. But there is nothing to do, that is life and it is inevitable that something will happen with everybody. From now through all the fans have kept more alive the legacy of Michael. He will influence many artists in many generations! :)
    Aw thank you! I knew there was a pic out there and I managed to come across one in High Quality so I knew I had to make a sig with that.

    Long Live The King!
    Take Care.
    I do not believe it. :( I do not understand how people can not get your mouth shut. Everybody knows how Michael is preserved (and should be) and needs a little privacy. This is terrible, so I believe that Michael does not rely 100% on the people around you and you can not trust. And that "fan friendly" is out of the forum? And opened a topic on this information? Does Michael know was that? Certainly he did not like that. I hope that does not happen more and that Michael is very attentive to whom he is their confidential things. It can be dangerous. Michael and any other celebrity ever have this problem. :(
    Really? :( But what exactly was the topic? I thought it had been barred for some reason, which gave the message to understand it.
    Wow, that crazy Safira! What is that link you sent me? I clicked on it and appeared:

    "Ashtanga, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation. "

    Lol! do not know why that message appeared on the topic... love / dark, he is not dead, I think the people go a little busy with their lives and therefore are not taking time to be there. Once back to normal (so I hope). :)
    lol! Fly has the same height as me! I also do not like this world of fashion. If you notice these parades of fashion, models are increasingly thin: skeletal. They are under great pressure: "You can not fatten." But it worth it to sacrifice so much for the money and the career opportunities it provides. And all these we know of fashion magazines dictate a standard of beauty: you have to be tall, beautiful and thin, it is as if you is not all that, you will not be happy. Nobody is perfect, or much less inside and outside. and people think there ugly, people are different, just that. Each has his way, his charisma, his beauty. I feel so ridiculous that these women are obsessed by the search of the perfect body... nobody is perfect and it is impossible to reach perfection! If anyone had defects, if all were perfect, the world would be so unsightly and not able to evolve our mistakes, that all would be equal and perfect! :)
    I? No! lol! I am too low to be a model and not too lean. And I love eating, it would be terrible for me to live on a diet. Well, this is one of many photos that I shot and fortunately I walk well (lol!), I hate taking pictures! This picture is of recent that I'm new hair: smooth and blond! lol!
    also think that when the shows are going on they were cheaper in that viagogo is very expensive! I twist so you can buy your ticket! :)
    Wow! John Travolta destroy that video, he dances very well too. Hey, you've managed to buy a ticket for the show?
    Hey Safira!! I don't mind it at all!! I think I've been a nurses aide for too long already...already thinking about soiled underwear and all!! LOL!
    Yeah! Do not waste time... run behind his ticket. I believe many people here should have the forum that bought the ticket and is wanting to sell more. I twist you can buy.
    Wow! You have to save the most. And I live across the Atlantic to London and I watch the show it? lol! I think this might be the last chance to see it live on top of the stage. So do not give up, do the maximum to get the ticket, if you are not absolutely sure I have that you will regret not having gone far. Here in the forum topic for the concerts. Must have left many people with tickets to sell.
    lol! Easy girl! Very calm at this time! Well, at Viagogo tickets are too expensive. If you really want to go buy the show. Get cheaper or with someone who has a ticket left. May be the only opportunity. Think about it!
    I do not believe it. lol! Among the site you see all the dates. Even though I warned you! lol! You can still buy tickets. My ticket, I bought by Ticketmaster on who started the sales. Most people I know are buying by Viagogo, has a topic about it here in the forum.
    Safira, the concerts going until February 2010! You forgot? lol! Oh God, look what Michael Jackson is doing with her head! lol! :)
    Yes, in January 12 I will be there! I am very, very, very happy for that. If Michael did not return to Brazil, I'm going to him! lol!
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