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  • lol! Well, when you feel the plane take off and a strange feeling when the plane is already up there is strange to the ear, gives a sense of how the ear was clogged. lol! At least I feel well. I think that feeling should be the altitute. If you have a little phobia, you really have to have someone you know close to you to reassure you. I watch the show on 12 January! lol! I am very, very, very excited by this...
    Are you afraid of flying? Are you afraid of airplane? lol! Do not worry, you just do not sit near the window. I love sitting near the window that I am looking down there. Fine small. lol! It's exciting! lol! Hey, you watch the show of Michael?
    lol! The Brazilians are very receptive and happy with the foreigners who come here. I think this is why Brazil receives both the full year abroad. They are passionate about Brazil not only by individuals but also by the beautiful places.
    In Portuguese "good morning" you say "Bom dia". :) Hmmm I will teach you Portuguese, you become almost a Brazilian! lol!
    Have you heard the "Pelé"? He was a very famous football player. He is considered the "King of Football" in Brazil. Hmmm we have many Brazilian players who play in other countries: Ronaldinho Gaúcho, Kaká, Robinho... among others. And the carnival? Brazilian music? I think you would love these two. :)
    Wow! Denmark? I do not know it, but have seen photos and it is a beautiful country. Hey, I think you would like much of Brazil. Here are beautiful places to visit. You know something of Brazil? Yes, Mýa also sings "Lady Marmalade", the video this song is great, I like her voice.
    Safira is a beautiful stone. I like that name. Mia, I do not know why, I remember the name of that singer "Mýa", you know? But I do not know how to pronounce her name. I like her voice, but it is not so famous. I have a cd that I love her, my brother brought me to Canada for that here in Brazil I have never found the CD to buy it. Hey, you are from which country?
    Wow! Her name is Safira? lol! I love Mia, is a beautiful name. Well, my name is Roberta, nothing to do with Ashtanga! Now everyone will know my real name! lol! :wild:
    lol! She thanked the message of Happy Birthday that I sent to her and asking for apologies for having my name mentioned in the message: "Rô" = my short name. lol! :)
    You know nothing of what I mean? lol! It is on the "Oi" I put at the beginning of the previous message? "Oi" = "Hello." lol! Kisses....
    P.S. Thanks for saying I am nice! :)
    Yeah, just super busy lately. Thanks for checking up on me though :) I hope you are doing well too.
    thats great,bet hes very happy:) my two have to eat cat grass ive grown for them and have an escort in the backyard so they dont jump over.
    what a beautiful cat you have safira,really unique looking,make sure you keep him safe indoors,ive got 2 kittens ,there brothers ,ones a tabby,ones all black,i love cats!
    lol Neopets? haha I've seen it plenty, but I've never played. :lol:
    Never really appealed to me..:p
    You weren't an idiot, don't worry. A bit of a temper flared for a moment but you weren't outrageous and you got yourself back. We'll all get back on track there. So it was 9:20 AM or so when you sent my visitors post :) I am just about to get out. Just wanted to quickly read my morning MJ news (more like read the love/dark thread ;) ) But then I got to see new pics. Very nice.
    hey wheres my gorgious and godly signature picture!! WHERE IS IT!!!!! It should be on my profile! AAAAARGH!!!!! ok I feel reeeeeally bored right now.. *sigh*


    *moonwalks away*
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