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  • Glad u did. I saw the lovely pic u posted as well. It brings back a lot of memories. Don't have the time to answer properly right now. I'll just head over there to give u a rep point for it ;)

    I actually had to go back in the list of my old posts to find the thread, that was the only way. Had no idea in what section it was or when was the last post.

    Laters. Cheers now :hellooo:
    Hi yourself Sarah :hellooo: Nice to see ya around again. I've been away from this lovely place for a few months as well. And even now, I don't make exactly regular visits. But it's nice to sneak in every now and then and get in touch with people.

    Since we seem to be both around these days, perhaps we could give a bumpity to that awesome smiles thread. Haven't been there in ages. Hope to contribute smth soon. Blessings to you :bye2: now......
    Thank you so much! It was a lovely site. I hope to create the same kind of vibe here, if it isn't here, already. Of course, I'll be here a lot more often, from now on.
    :) Yes, they are. Hi Sarah, thank you, I´m fine. I wasn´t here for some days and now I have to check all new pictures.
    Would you believe me if I told you that your latest message about your chocolate "confession" didn't actually reach me back in early May? You can check my profile and see....I saw it here in your own panel, because I wanted to see how you were doin'. Hope everything's well. Looks like your job hunt has ended, hasn't it? :) Enjoy the weekend/week - dependin' on when you'll see this :lol:

    Alcohol enhanced chocolates? Now your talking my language. Anytime chocolate is mentioned actually.:yes: Those ones you mentioned sound good...:wub: I have to admit to a wee chocolate obsession actually. My daughter actually took my chocolate away from me once as I may have been indulging just a bit too much. :smilerolleyes:
    I pressed the send button by mistake on that rep point before I was done with it LOL it was supposed to end somethin' like.......I became slightly addicted to......alcohol-enhanced chocolate candies :lol: I got these two types that I enjoy tremendously - one with Irish cream whiskey and the other one a classic recipe involving cherries :p
    Don't worry about a thing Sarah. It's quite alright :) Imma run into that lovely thread myself.

    Thanks for diggin' up that profile drawing, glad u enjoyed it. I had actually forgotten that I posted it all those many months ago hahaha
    I understand. In February this year, after almost ten years, a co-worker did the same as you....she had had enough!
    So have I but I gotta have something lined up before I leave....and I'm working on that.
    Thank you Sarah, I hope you find something too. Keep the faith! :)
    Don't worry about it Sarah; as you can tell, it takes me a bit to log in here as well :) I will try to send a message to Gaz, probably later tonight. Not only will I mention you as well, but I think I will make it a double message and send it both you AND him. Instead of an email with CC, you know? Maybe this will give us more credence and convince him to place those two threads somewhere else - general section for the trees and Michael mania for the other one? It is slightly related to the MITM section, but since not all pictures feature Michael........+ it is a thread made to uplift and it should be in an open section, not one of the private ones which requires registration, right? We'll see what he decides, it is up to him, after all. He's the boss round here. But we can definitely try.
    Oh I know! I need to update my own resume. I'm on the hunt for another job.
    I'm very unhappy where I am now and I have been there for a lot of years.
    I wish you all the luck SarahJ! :)
    I know right? Saw it the other day as well. I think it's a shame really. People may not have posted there everyday, but still it was a nice section. I especially liked the Smiles and the one about trees. Maybe we can approach Gaz about it........
    im nearly new and I know that I must 300 posts to get connection with 2000 watts. It must be very weird that I write you for telling me a download link for one special concert by dj oxygene. If you can not help me, so ignore my messsge and i will get this after my 300 posts.

    Nice weekend.

    Thanks a lot
    Yes. It was Thursday. And I had a pretty nice day. :)

    That's OK Sarah. I know you haven't been feeling well.
    Your wishes still mean a lot to me. Thanks so much!
    Awww! Sorry to hear that Sarah. I know you're working on a remedy. :)

    MJ makes my picture posting real easy. Such a babe! :happy:
    I'll make sure to give it a read. :) I swear all of this is getting more insane by the minute.
    Glad you did :) I just done writing another scroll. Remains to be seen if you'll like it just as much lol.
    :)Yes, for me it´s the same with the Earth Song - and with all the other songs , too. I love and adore how he expresses his music, his art with every molecular of his body. And yes: the Trump-thing still is like a nightmare for me.
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