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  • Hi, Sarah:). Is it right that you mean the Earth Song-picture? Yes, it´s so great. It expresses a bit of my horror....... about the result of the election.
    Oh thank you!!!:D I did actually and I spent the afternoon with my daughter which was really nice. She's so busy I don't get to see much of her.
    Aww, that's so sweet of you. I do remember Ed Sullivan, and right before that, I remember The Hollywood Palace. That was MY show back then-I loved it because it was the closest I could get to the Hollywood Musicals they really weren't making any more. That night Diana was the host, and her special guest was Sammy Davis, Jr. and the Jackson 5. And they had those little skits bringing Sammy and Michael together-and I really LOVED Diana AND Sammy already. That was my first time to see him and saw those gigantic brown eyes-and it was magic for me. And it really was like a passing of the torch-You could tell that they both admired him as much as he admired them and that was something.
    I remember that show-I'll have to look for it for you!!! I used to love Merv Griffin and Mike Douglas too-my mother is to blame for all of that. LOL
    Very lucky. I'm amazed by it sometimes-I don't think anything ***** watching him grow better and better and better every single time-until he just took over the world. I was so proud-I was like Berry Gordy, Diana Ross, and Katherine Jackson in one person.
    Hey Sarah, the lovely picture with the kittens took me on a google pic search for "group hug" and I found three other images I loved. I just didn't want to overwhelm the thread with them, so I'll send 'em here to you

    and this smaller one which I can post here directly :)

    Thanks for the rep point. Glad you enjoyed my little contribution. I was simply sayin' my piece, as always :) Cheers!!!!
    Aw heya
    I'm glad you are taking me time its well deserved sweetie
    I'm OK..I'm @ the ...#addressing my pain# part of my life now. The big D is active from the end of next month so I'm pleased about that x
    Hope you won't mind the "friend" request I sent your way. I may not be around here all the time and I can't promise you eternal "friendship" and support and I don't think that's realistic to expect in the virtual sphere, but it's definitely nice to connect with people with similar interests and sensibilities and between Michael, trees and the smiles we definitely got a few, right? :) Take care and keep on smiling.
    Hey girl
    Maybe I should email you Sarah It's been busy this week but
    I'm alright How are you ? X
    Baby girl
    I'm going to court soon this friday
    Yes I have email can I give it? Do you have kik or
    Any other instant chat?
    Sarah I'm so sorry about missing you the other night, day
    It's just I was so tired from the..
    All the events
    Can we try again later maybe
    Do you have my email and how are you now?
    My dear treasured friend
    That night was really intresting hahaha it was a start? and yeah I do know other ones we could use to yapp
    Aw ........thank you :) This message makes me feel strong it really does Sarah I ..I really appreciate it. just wondering if you might be online later ? Since i miss our chats and I hope you are doing well out there :D xoxox
    Girl oh yes please have that drink for both of us haha
    It's a must do !
    Have a wonderful time Sarah aw I'm near as excited as you , for you !! it must be such a magical experience and I would LOvE to see any photos
    I'd really appreciate it
    How are you today/night ?

    Yes that thread needs ....
    Kaputing!! Ooh I can't help it hahaha he gets my goat so much , smuck
    Ah yeah He needs throwing of the face of the Earth the lot of them
    Good riddance to bad rubbish !!!!and I'll stick my ex in there too ! !!!!the ****ers !!nasty souls the lot of em ! 😆😔
    (Been to see my solicitor again today signed sealed posted and ready to go ... To court
    So pleased, realived 😐☺️no more pain 😅
    No more pain babe xxx
    bless you
    Cheers! 🙏🏼🍻🍷🍺🍸🍸🍷🍷🎂
    dont worry I'll help you find it lol
    how are you today?
    oh that fking wade thread each time I log on I swear !! lol
    You are so sweet Sarah ��☺️��
    thanks so much and also for supporting the holding hand thread!
    hope your night is good
    Oh that sounds so good haha
    oh the 29th too! Hmm that night sounds blessed I hope you have a wonderful time sweetie
    id very much appreciate if you could dance the night away for both of us hahaand that drink victory drink lol
    I'm amieskye on Pinterest xx
    you are so sweet I'll listen course I will ☺️
    nothing like venting is there
    it went well I had another meeting with solicitor and Dv officer and I'll be moving from this house
    these bad memories will finally be gone
    i feel ****ing free. <3
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