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  • Hey Sarah
    Im sorry you have been feelin down... Im sorry hun...You can vent too if you want
    Yes ... wouldn't mind
    Aww Hi sarah Thankyou. I wsh you and lived closer you are so sweet you are sweet . Yep solicitors tomorrow injunction and divorce. I want to put an end to it once and for all cause enough is enough and I have had enough of the pain and lies How are you
    Ah Pintrest I'm on that too did you want to b friends there Well im on FB its amy tello on there The security is ok just I tend to change my pw. on the regular xox
    Heya sweetie
    well it's lovely to read you and I'm not here as much I'm on fb more but as it stands I have not been on there much either , I've been having a shit offline drama and well now it's all over , I'm in quiet mode too my lovely I know Michael wouldn't want me to be a victim so I left my ex and took my children I have to protect the children Sarah
    Hey there! So glad to hear from you. Just read your post. Knobjockey..LOL.
    I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering how you were doing. I've had a nasty cold the last week, just knocked me out so I haven't been online too much.
    Love the pic.:wub: Le sigh...
    Hi SarahJ how are you doing
    Sarah J again,I'm always here for you too as I said I'm making my ow. Way but it sure is bloody difficult and currently I'm listening to randy Newman you got a friend in me / indeed its ...I find that one sentimental. it gets right stuck in my head .right I'm on lol a um..yodaphone at the moe so not sure if it is coming out correct are you online :)
    I'm so glad your feeling better. I'm always here if you need me. Love you back and many hugs for the New Year. I'm going to try to make this a more positive and upbeat year and focus more on what I admire about Michael and see if I can bring more of that out in myself.
    Robson and Co. are pathetic desperate people who I swear are just borrowing from VG and any old tab stories they can get their hands on. I hope they get their asses handed to them on a silver platter.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!:better:
    Sarah!hug :) heya and happy new year to you! Ill see you in 2015! I hope all is good for you and im still here iill always be here within the fam yet ive found true peace of mind im making my own way and happy annnnd
    Its how I feel! That cat said it all! knobson should be locked UUP he is seriously deluded. I want to breakdance on his head throw him in a room with spiders how dare he do what he is trying to do to Michaels name! He will never win and no ones listening !to that idiotic knob!
    I love you Sarahj mwwwah!
    Really? Hello sweetie :) Im ok...things are ok. Im glad things are good. Aw yeah well I jus made a post now lol Pretty avatar entrancing
    Oh gosh :bugeyed blimey !!!! That's expensive :yes: , I'm not near Scotland ,but my mum used to go there often and totally loved it :) it's a beautiful part of the country :yes: I hope you have a good rest of the week :huggy: xxx
    Hello SarahJ :ciao: it's lovely to speak to you :D , glad you are fine , I'm fine too thankyou , your bird sounds so cute :yes: I love it that he says it :yes: it's so cute :huggy: your clever teaching him :yes: he says it through the night :laugh: that made me giggle :yes: awwwwwwwwwww and that he loves smile too ...that's sooooooo lovely :wub:. :huggy: ( thankyou for the hug xxxxx :) )
    Oh your welcome and thank you back for the reputation boost. Much appreciated.
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