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  • Hi there :) Thanks for the friend request. And a happy New Year to you.

    Wishing you Peace in your heart, health in your body,
    wealth in your life, joy in your home.
    May you always be blessed with these priceless treasures.

    Happy New Year

    Yes you can but you have to PM me to get that passcode. We only give it through PMs :)
    Aloha! ;)
    How are you? Enjoying your day?
    Sorry for being so silent. Will try to change that in the future :D
    By the way: have you entered something for the BTM video project?
    Ahhh I get it. I thought you'd seen it in a thread somewhere so I went looking haha. Will have a listen, have not received any email.
    hey screamin :waving: how are you ?:)sending you blessings, ty for the comment & peace
    i dont know what to think.... gonna wait till the dust settles and see what comes of it all over next few days...
    ive been up since 4am thismorning listening to it, i like the track but i dont think its mike.... am gutted really
    yes. my big mouth give me away? lol....ok, thx for r you? u been away awhile?:)
    Hey, ya I honestly am not nearly as active on the board after MJ's passing I come, check news, MAYBE post sometimes and leave.. I am personally looking foward to it but I don't expect most of it to be very commercial.. Theres a reason MJ didnt release it. Aside from the stuff that he was working on in 2006-2008 or whatever.. We will see! His voice is what I am waiting for just to imagine it being present, just to imagine him still here with NEW vocals. thats all I am waiting for.. I hope all is well with you, I do come on still (just dont post) but if u leave me messages ill respond :)
    sorry just seen ur text on my page, i was hoping it was gonna be album news like im sure we all were, but a new game is cool although im not into dance games if it is that... nearly been a yr now.... :(
    woo:shout: hi screamin sack bwoyyyyyyyyyyyy kayne west boy :wild:

    thinking of you today /night :huggy:
    stay strong , stay strong .
    hi :waving::huggy: long time no yapp scream .
    how are you these days ?
    nice to see you screamin on my profile :lol:
    hi Screamin :waving:

    it's been along time i heared you :hug: :jump:

    i'm o.k but i'm sick but i'm feeling little butter today but still coughing :( but i still writing songs :)
    & createding new specail scarpbook of MJ :)

    so how you been? how are you feeling? are you o.k?
    am good thanks
    yeah still on psn been playin killzone 2 and call of duty 4 :)
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