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  • In this case,,,,,,happy browsing :D And make sure to recover completely soon.

    HIStory used to be my favorite album for the longest time, exactly because it represented Michael's brilliant answer to the first wave of this huge lie. The #1 spot has in the meantime been taken over by Invincible, because I would much rather focus on sweet love tunes than any of that dark stuff, even if last year has brought all that mess back in the spotlight. Which is, yet again, all the more reason for the Estate to do something this year. We'll see, time will tell......

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Auf wiedersehen :hellooo:
    Thank you. :)
    Yeah, I’m down with some kind of stomach flu, trying to keep the food down. :D I’ve seen better days. But then again I have a lot of time to browse Twitter and the forum. ;)
    I really wish the Estate does something decent with HIStory. It’s my favorite album!
    Thanks for your uplifting words. :)
    Hey there,

    I read in another thread that you weren’t feeling well, so I wanted to send you my well wishes for a speedy recovery. Don’t mean to sound like a stalker, but I love to go through the What’s new page and read everyone’s replies to just about any thread lol

    Also, I’ll be sending a friend request your way, because I agree with soooo many of the things you write. You truly are a most welcome voice of reason here and with some truly good ideas for the Estate, especially about HIStory25. That was really good :clapping: It'd be sooooo cool if they would actually implement it, but realistically speaking, the chances are slim. Thanks for poiting it out though.

    You take care and

    Your photos are great, especialllly the last one. Thanks for posting. Keep 'em coming
    Nice to meet you also :hellooo:

    The rep points system is quite good, because it allows you to appreciate people's posts - a sort of a FB/Twitter like, with the added bonus of allowing you a few words to express your appreciation. The only thing is that you gotta spread around the rep points, so you don't give them out to the same people. That's why it wasn't allowing me to appreciate another of your posts too soon after the previous rep point.

    You really don't have to return any favors, don't worry. I really like giving out rep points to people, I try to do it as often as I find anything interesting, as you can easily tell from the number of thanks in my stats. I actually don't expect any in return, but if people do agree with some of the things that i do say, then cool.

    Thanks for that link. I'll have to check it out, there's a lot of study material in there lol.

    Have a nice weekend. :billiejean:
    Hey there *waves*

    Just wanted to thank you for uploading a certain gorgeous picture in here :D

    Couldn't send the message through the rep point because it was too soon after the last one I gave you, so here I am writing it here. It truly is a great one. :innocent: I'll have to come back to the thread at some point and comment a bit on it, but now I don't have the time. THX again for posting it.

    Cheers :bye:
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