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    Su, please be careful about what you publicly post from your private conversations with Michael, especially from over the past couple or so years of his life. You know I care about you very much, I just don't talk much these days as a low profile is necessary. Please respect the privacy Michael so desperately wanted. I love you and Merry Christmas.
    Mjjfan4ever, I didn't think that he would let Cleveland down...We all take opportunities from time to time that we think that are best...However, it is "the way he left"...what a slap in the face...Your very welcome!
    so u think bron bron is staying or straying? LOL.
    just wanted to say thank you for starting the "what would you say to michael thread".
    I am homegrown Cleveland ,Oh...Home of the official Rock & Roll Hall Fame & The Cavilers Lebron James. How about you?
    I cannot tell you just how lovely it is to read your thread born before 1970!:yes: I havent even finished reading it yet but just had to pop in here to thank you for it!:D:clapping:I'll go back and finish reading it now!
    It's going good...this semester has been pretty hectic and work is starting to really get busy. Tis the season...What are you taking in school?
    Hi. Aw, cool how is your school work going? I've been busy too with my school and doing a little spring cleaning :)
    Hi how r u ? Sorry for disturbing u, i'm searching for my lil half-sister whom i'd like to be in touch with since i havent seen her since i was little. She lives in the US. All i have is her first name, do u know what website i could use to find her plz ?
    Your very welcome...Mr.Jackson has the most wonderful fans, admirers in the world...!

    We Are The World...Heal The World...Education IS the Key~~~
    Hey thanks for the ad! Its so amazing to be welcomed into a community like this <3
    You are very welcome...I am pleased that you are pleased...

    :angel:We Are The World...Keep Helping to Heal The World...Education IS The Key~~~
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