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    Thank you for what you said to me in the in the dark thread yesterday, it was very sweet and nice to read. :hug:
    nite im off to bed

    hope ur flu clears up ill let u know wednesday how things go i may be a bit out of it so ill be slower than usual all depends on the scan
    love you take care xxxx
    These are my Prayers for You.
    A Relaxed Mind,
    A Peaceful Soul,
    A Joyful Spirit,
    A Healthy Body
    A Heart full of Love..
    I Wish You Happy New Year

    Luv yu, Mickie
    its really pretty u should check out where shes buried in london its so peaceful id love to visit again
    maybe again sometime soon

    hope u have fun at your party probably talk to you later feel free to add my other msn addy its more or less better than the one im on now just i dont use it cuz not many on it lol

    if i dont see u at the weekend have a good xmas
    No, that is a picture that I took when the Princess Diana exhibit was in Cleveland, Ohio at the Western Historical Society.
    Hey.Thanks for the reply.I am trying to PM you, but when i send you the messege it says it wont send ..Its says Sdeidjs doesnt allow private messeges?
    Hi Gisselle,
    Pleased to here that all is going very well for sure to study hard, have fun, and more importantly stay safe...
    Lots of things have been going on with me;
    We lost our daddy doo due to a sepsus infection on August 13, 2008. It was one of the most difficult, heart breaking times in my life. Its been very hard not being able to go visit/talk to him. Mommy moo is doing fair, we are keeping a close eye on her. We are all trying to adjust.

    Classes started back up for me on 08.26.2008. So far my classes are very interesting and I am impressed with my Professors...As always Mr.Jackson looks very hansome, happy, and very busy...Giggles~~~

    Heal The World~~~"Education Is Thw Key"
    Hey SD!!!! It has been so long since we last spoke :(. How are you doing? Well i am in school, and classes have started this week, so it's nice and busy haha. So anyways Anything new going on with you, and your life????

    OMG MJ turns 50 tomorrow!!!! he looks amazing for 50!!!! Don't ya think? Well get back to me later

    your friend

    I'm tried to PM you, but it wouldn't go through.
    I wanted to thank you for the thing you said in your message.
    I'm not entirely sure, which one you mean. I've been here, there, everywhere.
    Tell me? I'm curious :)
    Thank you for making me feel welcome
    Really? I wonder why? I have been gotten PM just yesturday...Mmm..

    Your very welcome...Smiles!
    Hi Sdeidjs, I tried to reply to your PM, but it didn't go though, so I wanted to come here and say "thank you." :eek:)
    Im ok...all caught up with those contracts...waiting for 5 pm so I can go and enjoy the weekend...Smiles~~~How are you?
    Hey! I haven't heard from you in a while, and was wondering if you were doing ok. Well ttys.
    Your very welcome...I am ok...been busy and getting ready for June 9, 2008. I have been getting wrote up lately from a couple of the mods...apparently they think I am spamming, post incoherent posts, and pretend to write to Mr.Jackson...

    What can I say...
    I have "always" been about helping others, being honest, and truly honored/proud to be a great admirer of Mr.Jackson. I am a deep individual that enjoys sharing...Bottom line what you see is what you get...Trust is earned its acquired, I have worked way too long and way too hard to earn that respect...I would "never" disrespect Mr.Jackson, Team Michael, his family, the fans/admirers in any way shape nor form...its not my style nor is it in my heart...

    I get so tired of having to defend my integrity, what I experienced all these years and what I continue to experience on a day to day basis...

    What many have not realised all these years...It doesn't matter where he lives, who he is with, as long as he is safe, healthy, and happy that is all I ever truly care about...

    Sorry for venting...
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