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  • Hi, it was great meeting you and your family. You all are sweethearts and I wish you the best. We should get together again just to hang out and talk about Michael. That was really horrible what Joe did. I was so disguisted and ashamed of him. I hope you blog about it and post it on here too. I don't know why he thought people would be receptive to this after Michael dying. That was selfish, inconsiderate, and insensitive.
    Anyways. I do wish tou the best. Let me know the next time we can get together. If I can, I will try to get you some MJ magazines when I go to Borders tommorow. *huggs*
    Hi Sean, thanks for messaging me. I'm also new to the befriending feature. Yeah being Irish is great, haha, cheers :p
    To all my new friends here at MJJC add me at MySpace or Facebook as well, if you'd like... and find me at facebook by my email address/YIM I am sure we will have plenty to share over the next few months with the concerts kicking off soon.
    Hey Sean How are you? Great picture! It would be so cool if Michael did something really stylized like that in a photoshoot or video. Anyway - tell me about a myspace page?
    Hi!! Welcome to this community! I hope you will enjoy your time here.. Here is where you hear things first. This community is reliable.

    Are you going to the THIS IS IT shows?
    I see that. You joined the same year I had but I don't think I've noticed your profile before. I'm a single parent too, with 4 kids. We have some similar interests. :) Thanks for adding me as a friend.
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