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  • LMAO at all the "Seany from big brother" comments... don't know why, just still think it's funny!!! Anyways... Miss you man! Haven't spoken to you or Ronan for ages and ages! Would be great to all meet up in the new year? You still in London?

    Anyways... NO11, guess thats kinda cool right? What ya feeling bout the album??

    Hope all is well and speak soon...

    Sean (From the trial) (And Manchester) (And WMA's) Lmao x
    Seany you sound like an amazing guy, and I admire you for your courage and big heart in wanting to raise money on the anniversary of Michael's passing. I will spread the word of this and hope so much you manage to raise the money in time.:clapping:
    Where too in London is the memorial you done at HMV and is it still there? I'm going to be in London on 22nd-24th July and want to find a few MJ memorials or at least know some places to go B-)
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