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  • I's a great quote...I was reading some random article on Michael one day, and this was one of the readers' comments at the bottom...I thought it described him soo perfectly...
    Thank you seeress for the compliments:) Glad to know you wanted to friend me before. Yeah, during this difficult time, we gotta stick together to get through the storm. I truly believe that.
    Thanks for the message.

    I have the same story: seeing MJ got me into R&B in general, then Motown, and of course Stevie. Having listened to him non-stop over the last two or three years, I can definitely say its a toss-up between MJ and Stevie for me.

    I try to be as objective and sensible as possible on the boards: sometimes you just have to stand back from the hype and form your own opinion on things, regardless of whether they are the popular opinion or not.

    Thanks again, hope to see more of you around the board.
    hey yeah, i noticed! you should post more often.

    i'm doing alright, cheers. hope all is well with you? i think i may have created one some time back but i never use it nor probably remember the login details haha!
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