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  • Hey there, Seldervi *waves*

    Don't mean to sound like a stalker or anything lol, but on Dec. 3rd you had promised you would 'soon' post in here!?p=4275779&viewfull=1#post4275779. Did you change your mind/didn't find the time/were you just joking? Online, one can never really tell what people actually mean.

    Xeones is kind of down now and I suspect one of the reasons for it is the fact that there aren't more people talking about these alternate scenarios to Michael's career. Of course, no one is obliged to do anything, we are all adults, free to dispose of our time and our thoughts as we see fit, but I figured I would remind you about it, especially since tomorrow is his deadline.

    You do whatever you want, ok? And, above all, enjoy your weekend. Cheers!
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