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    Why no mention of the songs MJ wrote for the reunion album with his brothers?
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    Xscape demos - different than the leaks?

    The album we never got, and despite that guy from Chicago being horrible "One More Chance" on Number Ones was great.
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    Only songs from Invincible that needed cutting were Lost Children and Privacy, everything else is fine.
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    Should MJ have done more songs like his older hits in his later career?

    He could have beaten Britney to the punch by doing a cover of "My Perogative", his favorite song of all time.
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    Should MJ have done more songs like his older hits in his later career?

    Everytime I listen to Justified it makes me mad a bit as some of those Neptunes songs would have truly revived MJ's career in the US. JT is doing his best MJ impersonation across that entire album.
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Did we even get a post acknowledging the 10 year anniversary of the Michael album?
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    Non-album tracks released during the lifetime of MJ - Which one do you like at most?

    Tie between Someone Put Your Hand Out, For All Time and On The Line for me. All such a departure from MJ's usual style and his voice is fantastic across all of them.
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    Your favorite rehearsals

    OMG YES! Threatened sounded so good, still waiting for somebody to make a full length version of the track with the live mix. Remember The Time is probably my favorite.
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    Don't Walk Away is a beautiful song

    If you go, I won't forget you girl.
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    New MJ content (Possibility)

    Stay on topic folks, no need to let this thread turn divisive. Just share wishes for new content, or related news and rumors - we shouldn't be fighting each other.
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    Did Michael ever considered a duet with James Brown? [MERGED]

    James Brown was still relevant even in the 2000s :)
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    The tracks [Discussion]

    The snippet I'm referring to starts here at 5:50 This instrumental later became Fly Girl on Will.I.Am's Songs About Girls album My favorite track from Will's album - my opinion is the album didn't do well commercially which is why Will went back to making boring and lackluster "mainstream"...
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    The tracks [Discussion]

    I will just reiterate again that Will.I.Am's album Songs About Girls is one of the most underrated albums of all time and if it's a sign of the music him and MJ were working on it would be a blessing to have it released. The instrumental to "Fly Girl" from that album was actually heard during...