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  • One mo' thing homegirl, ok maybe more than one :p whatever happens and no matter how bleak things may seem please don't forget what a wonderful, smart, funny human being you are. You may not believe it yourself, but girl you rock :)

    I will have the audacity to offer some advice - please open your eyes and try not to limit the chances of guys within your own age group. Age truly ain't nothing but a number, but not all guys close to your age are immature or shallow; please be careful not to miss out on great opportunities because of prejudice.

    I'm tellin' you this because i'm hopin' you will find someone for all three of your hearts (cause you do have them, even if you don't think so) and i hope it won't take you decades like it took me to find my geek. You deserve to be happy and not decades from now.
    No idea who she is. I'll look her up.

    Thanks for hitting me up with a VM. I really enjoy reading your posts btw, you're really cool. :D
    Hi :)I'm one of many(!) members who enjoy reading your posts. You're never afraid to speak your mind and be honest. I respect that. Plus, you never forget to break it down to get your point across. For a while, I posted a lot less often compared to before Mike's passing. But I feel like I should become more active again. YOU inspired me in a way.(looking forward to talk to you again ;D)
    A general thanks for really good posts and a voice of reason (doesn't happen all that often..) - and a hello to a fellow Sev's fan, btw :)
    Thanks for your help. What happened is that McAfee, my computer protector, deletes anything that I block (I have to change that setting). Because I just had a trojan, a program I had never seen asking for permission before was asking for access to the computer; hence, it was blocked and susequently erased. Well, that .dll file was apparently needed. Because it was deleted, my internet will no longer run on that profile. I created another profile to use the internet off of. The IT guy at work is going to help me with my computer. Until it is fixed, and secure, I am mostly on the internet at work when I can sneak it in. LOL!

    Anyway, thanks again.
    lol, i assume your signature is from the potter puppets youtube videos? they are hilarious..
    Sorry, I got a virus on my comp. Once cleaned off, I could only go onto the internet on the guest profile and not mine. I must have wiped something off. I will respond to you tomorrow. :yes:
    Sorry, i got a virus on my comp. Once cleaned off, now I can only go onto the internet on the guest profile and not mine. I must have wiped something off. I will respond to you tomorrow. :yes:
    Mainly the ladies are scare they think he's a...I'm sure if I can say it, I have no choice, they think he's a perv, they're just easily misunderstood. The D-Cup thing, is purely funny, that Yumi sounded like she's flirting the Hideki. Hee!
    I've seen 4 episodes. My god I feel sorry for Hideki, being too shy to go in the lingerie shop, I'd be like that too. I also can't believe what Chi called him after all he had been through, I'm sad for Hideki, but it cracks me up.
    I'm checking out "Chobits", I'm watching Ep. 2 right now. It's so funny.
    Also, have you seen movie 'The Sixth Sense'? It is really amazing and epic movie. Just a masterpiece. And soundtrack is kind of scary, epic and fascinating.
    Watching your list of books at ''about me'' section, I, compared to you, am little reader. Lol :)
    But I can recommend TCOMC. It is truly awesome and very interesting book. I've read it many times and still haven't got bored ;)
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