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  • I've seen 4 episodes. My god I feel sorry for Hideki, being too shy to go in the lingerie shop, I'd be like that too. I also can't believe what Chi called him after all he had been through, I'm sad for Hideki, but it cracks me up.
    I'm checking out "Chobits", I'm watching Ep. 2 right now. It's so funny.
    Also, have you seen movie 'The Sixth Sense'? It is really amazing and epic movie. Just a masterpiece. And soundtrack is kind of scary, epic and fascinating.
    Watching your list of books at ''about me'' section, I, compared to you, am little reader. Lol :)
    But I can recommend TCOMC. It is truly awesome and very interesting book. I've read it many times and still haven't got bored ;)
    Hey, do you like Lord Of The Rings and The Count Of Monte Cristo? These are one of my favourites :)
    (I'm talking about books)
    Hey, I'm assuming you're a Snape fan? :wild: He's my favourite character! What did you think of DH pt. 2?
    Okay but I have to tell you that you can't see some of my work because of the mature thing unless your a member of DeviantArt.
    Well I never seen Chibots yet, I may check it out. I'm checking out "Green Green" now. It's really good. True I love cute stuff, I also love harem anime. I always imagine Michael got himself a deep harem with a lot of girls surrounding him and cuddling him like crazy.

    As for Negima, you may know that I drew a couple of Negima characters doing an MJ tribute and I'm currently working on another one and I'm doing one of my favourite girls, I'll give you a hint, she's on of Nodoka's love cupids plus always have a love scent.
    Hey :)
    You're very smart and intelligent. I don't think I could find many girls like you in your age group that is this intelligent... ;D
    I love Negima. I imagined Negi goes abroad for exchanging teachers and Michael become their teacher for a whole month. I also imagine that I wish it was Blanket who takes Negi's place for their affection. I know Ayaka would adore him the most, since he love Negi. I guess I love Ayaka that way.
    I am assuming that you are quite the Geoffrey Rush fan, to which I will say that I live in the suburb over from him here in Australia, and apparently he catches my tram. Huzzah! I haven't had the chance to see him yet though, he's been over in England filming the last Pirates movie during most of my stay here. But I've got word he's back here now!
    Greg Ayres? I know him through Negima, he plays Negi Springfield. I have about a lot of lists of VA's I love.

    Stephanie Sheh:
    -Hinata Hyuga (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)
    -Orihime Inoue (Bleach)
    -Eureka (Eureka Seven)

    Yuri Lowenthal:
    -Sasuke Uchiha (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)

    Johnny Yong Bosch:
    -Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach)
    -Kaneda (AKIRA)

    Sean Schemmel:
    -Goku (Dragonball Z)

    Chris Sabat:
    -Vegeta (Dragonball Z)
    -Piccolo (Dragonball Z)

    Caitlin Glass:
    -Chachamaru Karakuri (Negima)
    -Chisame Hasegawa (Negima)
    -Nerine (Shuffle!)

    Kate Higgins:
    -Sakura Haruno (Naruto/Naruto Shippuden)
    -Karin Kurosaki (Bleach)

    Laura Bailey:
    -Evangeline A.K. McDowell (Negima)
    -Ayaka Yukihiro (Negima)
    -Shion (Naruto Shippuden Movie)

    Jamie Marchi:
    -Haruna Saotome (Negima)
    -Ama Shigure (Shuffle!)

    I thinks that all for what I can think of.
    Yeah I tried to message you, but I couldn't get in I thought MJJCommunity might be temporaily down, because I believe it might've been a connection problem. I've gone through the 10th episode so far. The episodes with Lucy's flashback is disturbing and cute, I'm gonna go with the disturbing part, I'm just gonna go with the adorable ones, I love when Lucy met Kouta when they're young, it was the cutest thing. That's what I love about, young love.

    I figured out why Lucy turned out like this, she's being controlled and manipulated by that evil conscience and I also knew she wanted one thing, L-O-V-E, love. I imagined that Lucy and Micahel meet face to face.

    I watched Sailor Moon when I was young, I never really cared if it's for girls, I mean I know girls watched Dragonball Z, Naruto and other great anime. I love Dragonball Z also, Bleach, Negima, Love Hina, Shuffle!, Kenichi, Eureka Seven and even Ai Yori Aoshi. Do you have any favourite VA's (voice Actors) in Anime?
    Nana's really cute. I love when Nyu has great affection with Kouta and Yuka getting jealous. I didn't realize thay Nyu get her head hit or anyone confront her violently would trigger Lucy. I'm surprise she didn't urge to kill Kouta at that state. Still I wanna see more of the lovin' going on. I'm crazy with love in anime since I'm a huge supporte of NaruHina (Naruto x Hinata).

    Remember that a little discussion about "Elfen Lied", I checked out 4 episodes so far on YouTube. Honestly I'm a little disturbed with a few scenes, but I can handle it and beside when I get disturbance, I'd listen to Michael's songs right away, they always heal me.

    I'd find out that "Elfen Lied" has some love cuteness. I almost cried for a little cutesy stuff. I love Lucy on the Nyu side, she's so freakin' cute, she's like a child with a great heart stuck in her body. My little brother was right that this series is sad. I'm almost done watching the 5th episode.
    Well yeah this detail is not that important but i thought u might get confused hence the visitor message. :)
    Hi how are you ? :)

    Since you're on ma friend list, I just wanted to tell ya that i changed ma username (ma former username is pac).
    Thanks for the way you word your posts. You're a part of the people here who help me better my English thanks to the vocabulary you use. Good luck with finding a job Mikie. Hope you're well. :)
    Hi Mikage. Good to see you back. I hope all is well now! BTW you are so funny. I was cracking up reading yopur posts in the Gaga thread. Thanks for making me smile today. I just wanted to say this. :)
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