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  • Hi, you are not alone in what you feel. :better: Just wanted to let you know that after reading your Forest Lawn experience. Hold on tight, it'll pass, until then remember that we all share the Love, okay? :yes:
    Hey sfboys,

    MJ didn't write that BS ("hit list) himself. It was written by Wiesner. Another "good friend." Too bad the tabloid media is gobbling it up and mentioning the real author as an afterthought. Its clearly not MJ's handwriting. The picture of it is in one of the two threads recently posted: either the ET or Insider one. I know it was discussed in both threads. I think Wiesner also claims that MJ dictated it to him; but of course MJ is not here to confirm or deny it. Wiesner also held on to some voicemails MJ left him and is on ET w/ them so that shows you what a good friend he was. :smilerolleyes:

    Take care,

    This is a group I'm a member of. I hope you will join!!

    Only true fans should join: we provide text updates include only TRUE, NON-TABLOID information. Just text "MJLIVES" to BLAST (25278), OR you can subscribe online at: http://txtblaster.com/mjlives

    We are huge fans for nearly our entire lives who want to ensure to truth and ongoing legacy of Michael. Our group DOES NOT AND WILL NOT MAKE MONEY. You are only charged whatever your carrier's standard fees. There are no fees on our end.

    We feel a deep commitment to carrying on Michael's legacy with the help of your sharing this with friends and family to keep Michael's legacy pure and strong. Our only wish is to serve as an information resource for Michael Jackson's true fans!
    hey !!
    how are you doing ?? I am a hott mess but holding my own. take care of yourself
    hmmm i cannot seem to find it either ... I want to hear it now :lol: what where they all talking about ??
    do you know what the thread was called ... i can look for it but I am not sure what it is about.
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