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  • Hey did I ever answer what dates I would have gone to?? I haven't been on MJJC in a long while!! How are you lovely! :)
    Hey Shamonee. :) Sorry if it looked like I was bashing Arty by making that thread. I seriously wasn't and he knows that. We've been pm'ing each other. I have never had any problems with him. I created that thread because I was also excited about the live singing in TII and I wanted to hear his thoughts. That is the truth but I'm sorry if it appeared otherwise. :) Just wanted to clear that up.

    It might be ok if the little one isnt so far away from the big one. :) Put them close together, that should be ok.
    LOL well I wasn't that disapointed because I am a guy LOL I closed it because the thread could lead to other things! I don't think I'll go in to detail hahahaha
    you are definitely right about the "crisp white pants" from YRMW..... fine fine fine.

    luv luv luv him
    hey. im doing...well i'm keeping my head above water. trying to focus on his lessons and spreading the love, i really try not to dwell on it all.

    Its the hardest thing ive ever had to deal with. like my soul was so unscarred and now its slashed right through the middle.


    we just gotta be strong.

    I got the opus too. i really hope its amazing, its like one of the precious things we have left. :cry:
    hello lovely
    i was shopping a few days back and on my way out i think i passed you, i was with a friend and you were very busy so i didnt wanna go up and interupt you and it wudda been too strange to say hello in person for the first time with everyone else around. but i nearly did lol :) hope you are well. i have a few interviews this week for work so hopefully will be back working again next week, but am loving the free time x
    hi !
    yes i had a great bday thank you for remembering :)
    lost my job same day though lol company closed
    am looking for something new now not sure what to do though
    hope ur well
    Hi Shamonee.
    I have just seen that there was a fan gathering in Brighton that you replied to as not able to attend..........i added a post to that also to say that I couldnt make it either, but maybe if they plan another soon?
    Clubbing after? Not done that for way too long so yeah hope something can be sorted soon. :)
    Where abouts are you?
    Hi, yes you are my first message. Thank you! I guess I come and go from here so don't get to know people that well and often just read rather than post. I needed to post a lot now as I have no ne else who understands how I feel about his and I know the people here do. How you feelin?
    well , I'm the same as you... it's slowly starting to sink it but at the same time it's still unreal... I wish i could go to LA even though I don't know if I'd be able to look at him...
    ohhh hehe thats ok. Yeah he has told me this before!! :p but no we are not married. I live in the U.S. he lives in a diff. country! why do you say that?? and why the :/ lol!! this i crazy how did u get husband btw?? lol :p
    thanks.. stole the signature pic off someone else,lol.
    yeah it shows how great a dancer he is and how good his co-ordination is. his upper body and lower body are doing different movements..... similar to how he does the robot in 'dancing machine'
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