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  • hi, just got back, had a great time.
    happy birthday for tommorow !!
    hope u have a great day :)
    I know what you mean, I myself haven't been to any concerts before so this will definitely be the most amazing experience!!! And it's cool bc they'll be recording them officially too, so we don't have to worry too much about not being allowed with camcorders.
    Yay, hurry up July! :)
    Well, it's the back of the floor...But I guess it could be worse LOL . I'm bringing my binoculars.
    I'm going with a friend, she's a member here as well but she doesn't post much. How about you?
    well..thank you very much, my friend. i am soo glad you got yours. you enjoy yourself enough for both of us, whether i get there or not. :hug:
    if i get a ticket i will move hell and high water to find a way to get to london even if it means cruising on a ship. lol...i'd like to think i'm a persistent guy. lol
    unfortunately, i wasn't fast enough to get a ticket. :( but if you think i'm not trying anymore, you got another think coming. lol. i'm still going at it.
    bk112 Z not the best but im plannin on hangin outta the stage most of the nite if i can lol...
    You're going with your brother, cool! I'll be going with either a friend from uni (if she can afford the travelling etc, as she might be in France for her year abroad still), or my cousin, or if all else fails, my mum! x
    Yeah i got tickets for the 16th July, am in BK 106 Row H :) am getting very excited! I take it u managed to get some then?? Did you go to any of your lessons today, or did u spend it on the computer lol x
    omg ur goin on my bday lol i tried for that date but it kept timing out so i opted for the last show i cud book cause i was havin no luck..... it payed off but it was a long slog on the net today and it did test my patience !!! but hey we are gonna see him real soon... very exciting :)
    Yeah it's great for partying, but they don't like hen nights cos they have a reputation of being rowdy and causing a stir. We were a christian hen night, and had only had about 2 cocktails before we got to the clubbing stage, so we weren't going to be anything like that, but oh well :] will have to go back this summer and try again!
    Am doing English literature and French at uni, really good but difficult as my french grammar pulls my grade down overall, so am working on that this year. Do you know what you'd want to study at uni yet? xx
    Ahh you're a Brighton person! Cool! :) Love Brighton, although I last went for my friend's hen night and we were turned away from everywhere, so wasn't a great experience - apparently they don't like hen parties. Yes, am at Uni right up north in Hull (odd choice i know!) but am on my year abroad studying in Lyon, France this year! What are you up to? xxx
    Hey :)
    Thanks for the comment you left on my profile ages ago, I've only just seen it and worked out how to reply lol
    I'm from Birmingham, where abouts u from?

    Haha I know. I wanna stay at home for another week playing on my d.s, not back at school. :(

    I'll try to get there early, but it won't happen haha. Me and getting to school early don't mix - I'm late so often haha.

    Ahh cool, so you have all the MJ ones? If I'm honest, I don't care too much for the Jackson 5 - I much prefer the Jacksons when Michael's voice was mature and just PERFECT! :wub:

    Ugh it sucks. Are you exams "real" ones or are they mocks?
    I haven't been watching BB actually, I keep meaning to catch up online though haha.

    Thank you. :happy:
    Ahhh what you going to buy with your HMV vouchers? :D

    Would I be a bad fan if I said I didn't listen to Michael the WHOLE Christmas week? :O haha Shame on me. I got a nintendo d.s and I've been on it so much haha, it's actually quite sad. :\

    Yeah on Monday the day before my Birthday. Joy, I have exams too and a 2 hour maths one on my birthday which is the worst possible thing for me as it's my worst subject and I always break down in tears because I can't answer any of the questions. :\
    What about you? You back in college?
    Happy Christmas! and New Year! Hope you had a good one!

    What MJ tracks you been playing? :D did you get anything nice for Christmas? x
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